The NRA’s Armed Teachers

Marine Guarding Schoolby Bob Murl Bearden

The NRA is proposing that all the nation’s schools have armed teachers or at least armed guards. A lot of national and local politicians are proposing legislation to do much the same. There is already at least one school district in Texas, the minuscule district of Harrold in eastern Wilbarger County that has armed heat packing teachers that no one is supposed to know who they are. They have had armed teachers in their classrooms since 2008.

Gun advocates believe that more weapons is better than banning assault weapons and requiring universal background checks. It is a world gone mad.

Our Old West was a violent place where people routinely died by the gun, by the knife, arrow, axe and various and sundry other weapons of choice. When western towns were tamed the first ordnance passed by the city fathers (women weren’t for the most part allowed to hold public office or vote in them good ole days of yesteryear) was a ban on carrying weapons inside the city limits. Why you might ask?

It was simple guns kill people and people who carry guns kill people. Contrary to a current popular belief that guns don’t kill people, people do, in them good ole days responsible people, all of whom owned weapons of one sort or the other knew the real truth, guns kill people because angry people will use to them to kill or sometimes just to make their point. It is a fact that remains to this day.

So we fast forward to modern times. There are among us groups of citizens who yell and scream about violating their second amendment rights if you pass any law that restricts in any way their ability to take a weapon of their choice and use it in whatever manner they deem necessary or appropriate. These are citizens who love to quote the second amendment at the drop of a hat (even while mostly incorrectly quoting it however). All most none of them understand what the second amendment means or why it was placed in the Bill of Rights in the first place.

The second amendment needs to be amended to reflect modern times and modern mores. It is an outdated archaic piece of work that does not truly reflect modern times. It should be either replaced or updated to reflect the realities of today’s life and technological advances in the area of security, protection and freedoms. And no one without an ounce of common sense should be allowed to quote from the second amendment without requiring them to take a course in constitutional law and then only allow them to quote said amendment after they have passed a test on what they have learned.

When it comes to gun control, gun rights and gun safety the NRA should be defunded. They are not doing the mission they were formed to do. They are strictly a wholly owned subsidiary of weapons manufacturers and arms dealers whose only reason for existence is to sell weapons to the highest bidder, and the consequences of what happens to those weapons is of no concern of the manufacturers or dealers who sell them.

They have enlisted a minority core of legitimate gun owners and sportsmen and instilled within them the fear that if they don’t follow the NRA and their masters the arms dealers and weapons manufacturers their guns will be seized and destroyed and they will all be imprisoned for the crime of gun ownership. A completely stupid and irrational belief, but they have corrupted a large number of normally responsible people into believing that if there is any change in the law that restricts the type of weapon they can own their rights as a citizen of this nation will be completely taken away.

It truly is a world gone mad! The second amendment when looked at from the prospective of sane intelligent non-rabid sense is an amendment that when it was placed in the constitution made perfect sense. It was an age of weapons in that it took anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes to load a musket (depending upon your knowledge, expertise in weaponary and whether or not someone was bearing down upon you with a hatchet, axe, sword or another musket fully loaded and ready to fire). We now have weapons that will fire hundreds of rounds of ammunition within a matter of a few seconds. A feat that our founders could not of in their wildest dreams envisioned.

So what we need to do is step back and first take a look at the second amendment and bring it into the modern world where an insane crazed kook can kill literally dozens of people in a matter of a few minutes and revise it to reflect modern advances in weapons and killing techniques. The founders made provisions for us to update and modernize our laws and our founding document the constitution to reflect changing times. They were much more in tune with the wisdom of change than a lot of our rabid right-wingers of today are.

No one wants to take guns away from sane and responsible gun owners, but at the same time no one should have the right or means to kill anyone they disagree, hate or dislike for whatever reason. We need sane and safe gun control. What we don’t need is an armed nation where everyone is packing heat. That is a scenario that was never envisioned by the founders of our nation. They would be appalled at some of the insane ideas bouncing about today aimed at protecting our children. It is time sanity prevailed and stupidity was kicked in the behind!” —– Bob Bearden


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