gdsBy Bob Murl Bearden

The president along with a non-partisan coalition from Sandy Hook Elementary School took their concerns on the road to lobby congress to pass sane and sensible legislation on restricting access to guns in the nation. They seem to be winning. The ‘Unholy 13’ Republican Senators who were threatening to filibuster any and all gun control legislation in the US Senate all dropped out of their ‘Unholy Alliance’ assuring that there will not be a filibuster when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brings the legislation to the floor of the Senate. That’s a good start, but remember there is still a long way to go and no assurance that real and effective legislation will pass Congress.

One of the Senators opposing any and all gun control legislation is our own Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe who gave Oklahoma another ‘black eye’ today when he told a reporter that the good people of Sandy Hook who had lost their loved ones were essentially dupes of the President of the United States and they didn’t have a clue about what this was all about.

What a piece of work is our Senator Inhofe to make such an outrageous claim! It is hard for me to come up with a word that will adequately describe Inhofe and the outrageously idiotic things he believes and that often spews forth from his mouth. I know why we in Red State Oklahoma keep re-electing him year after year. He panders to basest instincts of the paranoid anti-everything right-wing that has a grid-lock on Oklahoma politics and who hate President Obama with a purple passion. Not his ideas or politics just him. They couch their racism in vague terms about our President’s citizenship believing that no one will see through their bigoted subterfuge. Inhofe is the ultimate poster boy for the rabid right-wing bottom feeders in Oklahoma and he fuels their distrust of government and paranoia over government authority with his mantra of God, Gays and Guns.

But, to imply that parents who have recently lost their children to gun violence don’t know what they are doing is as stupid as it gets. The Oklahoma Observer’s Founding Editor Frosty Troy is fond of saying that when Inhofe, leaves Oklahoma for Washington DC our state’s IQ increases considerably and the Senate’s IQ drops accordingly. I have often said that there are a lot of Oklahomans who are dumb and proud of it. Inhofe is the pin-up boy for that crowd.

The Sandy Hook Coalition of parents and others have as much right to speak up and speak out as anyone does, in fact I would argue they have more of a right to speak out. And certainly they have as much right as the NRA to lobby Congress to act upon their proposals. For Senator Inhofe to claim that they don’t know what the debate over gun control is all about is not only outrageous but patently insensitive to what they have been through over past few months and definitely proves that he has absolutely no compassion for their loss.

Senator Inhofe is an archaic relic of the past. He is also a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby not to mention his well-funded connections to the oil and gas interests. When placed alongside legislative giants from Oklahoma from the past like Henry Belmon, Robert S. Kerr, Tom Steed, Thomas Gore and Carl Albert Senator Inhofe is more in tune with that famous blow hard Foghorn Leghorn who himself was somewhat of a bigoted racist.

Gun Lobby representatives the ilk of Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn are doing that lobby group more harm than good. People (aside from a few rabid second amendment know nothings) listen to Jim Inhofe and shake their heads and ask WTF did he just say? Senator Coburn seems to have enough smarts to not to make outrageously stupid statements which is to his credit despite his stance on the issue of gun control and his willingness to join the filibuster group who originally planned to filibuster any and all gun violence bills.

And now to those second amendment rabid rednecks who like to maul and maim the second amendment when quoting same. Restricting 100 round or even 30 round clips; banning military assault rifles and requiring universal background checks does not take away anyone’s second amendment rights nor will any one pry from their cold dead hands or their live hot hands for that matter the shotguns or rifles they use and keep to hunt with or even to protect themselves with.

Laws have been passed many times over the past couple of hundred years in this nation restricting our citizens’ rights to own certain types of weapons and no one had to pry their cold dead hands or their live hot hands from their weapons; nor has the government ever kept honest law-abiding citizens from owning weapons as long as they used said weapons in a sane and responsible manner.

And arming teachers or allowing high school or college students to pack guns in the classrooms is the dumbest idea ever devised by the NRA or a lot of Tea Party Red State legislators. We need to do things that will make our schools safe and more secure, but making them into an armed camp makes absolutely no sense at all.

The restriction of assault rifles, 100 round clips and requiring universal background checks to purchase a gun are ideas whose time has come. Americans of all political persuasions need to join with the good people of the Sandy Hook Elementary Coalition and stand up to the NRA and its shills like Jim Inhofe and Rand Paul. Guns kill people and children because people use them to kill people. It is time we told the NRA that if they intend to remain a viable entity in today’s world they need to get back to their original mission which was to train our citizens and their children in proper gun safety.

The second amendment perhaps made perfect sense when it was placed in the bill of rights but the way it is written does not address the issues prevalent in today’s world of rapid-fire weapons that can kill and maim literally dozens of people in the span of a few minutes. Do I believe we need a second amendment? Yes, I do, but it should be rewritten to reflect the realities of today’s high tech world!

When the second amendment was written it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes to load and fire a gun and our nation was a frontier nation with problems inherent to a time that no longer exists. As Kirk Douglas’s character in ‘Seven Days In May’ stated to his superior officer, “We are a nation of laws. We should let the law prevail and not take into our own hands!” We are not a nation of individuals who practice vigilante justice however justified we may feel it is to seek vengeance. To quote the Bible here, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord! And as my mother Judge Ruth Gobin once said, “Retribution should never be about vengeance. It must always be about justice!” —– Bob Bearden