Support the Rights of Women and of the LGBTQA Community

by Teri McGrath

To our reps and our senators:

We’re sending this message to let you know that your constituents support the rights of women and of the LGBTQA community in your district. Our numbers are growing, and we are organizing because we recognize the harm that is done to our community when our legislators vote on anti-gay and anti-woman legislation and engage in rhetoric that defames our communities.

As a group, we are primarily focused on bonding together to support each other in this time when it is apparent that many of our representatives are not working for us, but are in fact working against us by passing resolutions declaring our unions unconstitutional, by passing laws that create barriers to our freedom of choice in healthcare. We have received the message from our legislators that they are not concerned with our well-being.

The effects of this are apparent in our every day lives. We have heard from young people who are harassed and bullied in their schools because of anti-gay rhetoric that is not only condoned but sometimes inspired by the rhetoric of our legislators. And women we know and love are made to suffer because of a lack of services and a lack of support for them during very difficult times. And in general, we are oppressed by the understanding that our voices are not being heard or considered when the people who are meant to represent us are discussing legislation that effects us directly.

We hope that, in time, all of our leaders will support us and work for us like they do for their other constituents. It would be a great step forward if they would simply stop using their power and platform to attack us and deprive us of our rights. In the meantime, we will seek out new leaders who will serve all the people of their districts, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and we will continue to grow and to support each other during this dark time in our nation’s and state’s history.

Our society will continue to slowly progress toward freedom and equality regardless of your actions. While the Oklahoma Legislature’s anti-gay and anit-woman laws and rhetoric have dire and immediate consequences for the people they are meant to serve now, in the long run, it is likely to be only another note in the book of things we will be embarrassed to tell our grandchildren about. We hope that while you serve the people of Oklahoma, you will grow along with the rest of the nation and strive for freedom, equality and justice for all.


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  1. Most excellent. I feel that legislators such as yours, and those in other states such as NC, who want to mandate a state religion, or Kentucky, defining the moment of conception as a person, will ultimately be thrown out of office on their ear for such ignorant behavior. Give a fool enough rope, and they will hang themselves. Good luck

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