Bob Murl Bearden


Today in Oklahoma 1 in 4 children and more than 675,000 Oklahomans are facing food insecurity which means they receive only one or perhaps 2 meals a day. As Gandhi said “For them God can only appear as bread and butter!’ Think about it, every 4th child in Oklahoma will go to bed hungry tonight and wake up hungry tomorrow. As my Co-Chair on the Letter Carriers Food Drive Steve Riggs says, “If a child is hungry, they can’t think. If they can’t think they can’t learn. And if they don’t learn the future of our children, our society and our nation is at peril!”

But we can do something about that. It’s easy. On Saturday May 11th all you have to do is fill this bag or any bag with as much food as you can spare; place it in, on or near your mailbox and your Letter Carrier will pick it up and transport it to the nearest post office where it will be sorted and delivered to a food pantry in your area.

That simple act of kindness will make a tremendous difference in someone’s life. It will help ensure that a lot of kids in Oklahoma won’t be going to bed hungry. As my friend Rodney Bivens, Founder and Director of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma says, “Kids have better things to think about than being hungry!” And I know from personal experience that if a child is hungry and unsure of where their next meal is coming from that’s all they think about.

Last year our local food drive collected enough food and monetary donations to serve over 8 million meals to hungry Oklahomans. But food insecurity is on the increase and what you give will make a difference in the life of so many people. And it will make a difference in your life too, for as Emerson said, “Making a difference in the life of another person, is the single most satisfying aspect of one’s life!”

We know the Bible story of how Jesus fed the multitude. While Letter Carriers and their partners can’t produce that much food from 2 fishes and 5 loaves, we can make a dint in hunger if you help. Your Letter Carrier, is ready and willing to pick up your donation and make sure it gets to where it is needed most. To Stamp Out Hunger is our cause and we as Letter Carriers know the face of hunger because we see it every day on our routes six days a week. And yes we still DELIVER 6 DAYS A WEEK! For us Stamping Out Hunger is a labor of love!

On Saturday May 11th be kind, be generous and make a difference in someone’s life by helping Letter Carriers and their partners Stamp Out Hunger in Oklahoma and all across the nation! We have all seen those bumper stickers that ask us What Would Jesus Do? I believe He would do, that which is right as he did when He fed the multitude and help us Stamp Out Hunger; because it’s the right thing to do and as Dr. King said, “The time is always right to do that which is right!”


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