OKC Post Office: Food Drive Aids Victims of the Moore Tornado

Bob Murl Bearden

We collected a mind-boggling total of 6,918,315 lbs just in the OKC Post Office and our Branch’s 13 Associate Offices. Wow! Also all the food collected locally will be going to aid the victims of the Moore tornado! In addition, all the members of our local that were affected by the tornado are safe and suffered only minor cuts and bruises. Several of our members had damage to their homes but only 3 so far have reported their homes as total losses. Monetary donations to help our members through the early parts of the recovery are already pouring in from over the nation from other letter carrier locals. The money we collect will be used to help our members with immediate needs until they can get needed assistance from the various agencies that help victims of disasters!

Thanks to all who donated food in our food drive. As it turns out some of the very members who collected food on their routes have already received food donations from the food that they helped collect!




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