What is a Real American?

“Where are you from?”

“Born in Florida, raised in NC.”

“No, but where are you FROM? What ARE you?”

I have had this same type of exchange with people SO MANY TIMES! When was the last time? Hmm…oh yeah, Friday. The time before that? Let’s see…it was Tuesday. No exaggeration. Several times a week, unless I don’t go out in public, someone asks me where I am from. About once every couple of months someone tells me I speak good English. Being of mixed race, and looking really Asian, has been both a blessing and a curse. I absolutely love being multicultural, and it gives me a unique perspective on racism, stereotypes, and human nature. Constantly explaining that I am born and raised here in the States, not so fun. My southern accent is incongruent with my asiany eyes, so that’s always a hilarious conversation-starter with total strangers.

Because I…

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