Michelle Bachman is Leaving.

68568_10151395329676545_1236512603_nBob Murl Bearden

Michelle Bachman is leaving. Don’t Cry for Her Argentina!

Birther theories, Kenyan birth certificates, and plain stupidity are the hallmarks of a lot of elected officials across the nation. One of two things: either these people are smack-dab crazy or they know that they are lying through their teeth. If they are smack-dab crazy then why would anyone vote for them and elect them to office? If they are lying through their teeth then why would anyone vote for them and elect them to office? Same definition applies to both voters either way. They are crazy too or maybe they are bigoted and then if that is true we have to look at them in an entirely different light.

It’s plain and simple at least to those of who us who are sane or at least possess a modicum of sanity in this crazy old world we live in. Barack Obama is black. He is the first black president. A whole lot of people voted for him so he got elected president twice. But, oh crap, he is black which puts one segment of our society reaching for straws. Didn’t we have this conversation some 40 odd years ago? Didn’t we fight the civil rights wars and didn’t we clear all of that up and didn’t we agree that everyone is equal under the law and that prejudice and discrimination has no place in our society?

We thought that them ‘good ole days’ were passed and done. Things were different now but then somehow we went and upset the apple cart and elected one of them president. Lord Gawd Almighty, that can’t be. No, no! Say it ain’t so Joe! Okay, let’s all regroup and let’s do something about this and reset the balance of nature back to them ‘good ole days’ when men were men and women were damn proud that they were and men and only men wore the pants and ruled the roost and minorities knew what fer and stayed uptight and out of sight and didn’t have tooth fairy ideas of running for president much less getting elected.

Hey, the genies out of the bottle the stopper has disappeared and we ain’t going back to them ‘good ole days’. This is America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. We are the melting pot to the world. We welcome all comers to this land of ours. Now we are truly starting to live the real American Dream that all are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator (whomever that may be) with certain unalienable rights which among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Doesn’t matter what the color of our skin is, who we love or where we came from. Just like Woody said, “This land is your land, this land is my land.”

So go stick in your ear Michelle Bachman (good riddance to bad rubbish); Donald ‘Bad Hair Day’ Trump, Darrell Issa, and all the clan of the caveman crazies out there who live and die by the creation of the next coming ‘conspiracy theory of the week’! Agenda 21ers meet Birthers and let’s all head out to see what’s left of Roswell New Mexico’s alien bodies.
Conspiracy theories are what keep most of these crazies foaming at the mouth. If it ain’t a conspiracy then it ain’t happening. How else will we ever explain that everyone in our society is equal and have certain unalienable rights? Ah there’s a word for you Birthers – unalienable. Is that the opposite of alienable? As in aliens from outer space?

My theory is and it’s just a theory in progress. My theory is that conspiracy theories are hatched in the fermented scrambled minds of those who have too much time on their hands and who see everything in shades of purple, pink and chartreuse colors. Psychedelic if you will or maybe they just ate too many raw peaches as a kid. Either theory works for me to explain how outwardly normal seeming people can come up with such stupid ignorant ideas and then pass them on to others without someone bursting out into gales of laughter. Seriously, are they are nuts or what? I vote for the latter!” —– Bob Bearden


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