Bob Murl Bearden

Social Security and Medicare are programs that are needed relevant and necessary!

The economy is slowing repairing itself but we still have those on the right who want to deep-six any social safety net that would protect our seniors, the poor and disadvantaged, the sick, the halt and the lame. These are very people whom even Jesus Christ said should always be protected and aided. People like Tom Coburn don’t agree with Jesus on that, even though Coburn professes to be a follower of that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth he had publicly stated that Social Security and Medicare are programs that we really don’t need to continue. Tom must have read a different Bible from all the ones I have read.

But, that is the current mantra for a lot of neo-cons and they are influencing a lot of neo-newbies who are coming and have come into the workforce over the past decade. These are people most of whom have never known any toil or strife in their lives because of safety nets like Social Security and Medicare were there for their parents and grandparents. They are the very ones buying to the neo-cons who claim most of the people who are poor don’t try hard enough or don’t or are lazy and shiftless and don’t really want to work. It’s a completely asinine idea, but they are buying hook line and sinker. When you have never known what is to be hungry or out of work I guess it is difficult to understand that, that is something that doesn’t necessarily mean you caused it.

Sure people make bad decisions in their lives. We are all guilty of that, from the neo-cons and the neo-newbies to us damnable liberals. But, most of us have family and friends who can and do often come to our rescue. Not everyone has that. That’s what social safety nets are designed to help. Give people who have made bad life decisions a way to pull out of it and re-connect their lives. There are always individuals who will take advantage of the system, but they can be identified and dealt with. That is unless they are in that category known as ‘Corporate Welfare Recipients’. They are the charlatans who need to be stopped. Corporate welfare does more to sink our economy than any of the millions who are living desperate lives below the poverty line.

Corporate Welfare Recipients drain our government’s money and resources to the tune of billions dollars and nothing essentially is done to curb their thirsty appetite for government handouts that pretty much go to fund corporate perks the like of Lear Jets and Golden Parachutes for their CEO’s. It is simply highway robbery and none of the neo-cons have a problem with these corporate parasites nor do they consider them to be shiftless and lazy. Go figure.

Social Security and Medicare have been efficiently well-run programs that are models for the way companies should be run. They both would be currently self-sufficient if not for our congress creatures dipping into their funds and failing to put the money back they have taken out of these programs.

And both programs have made it possible for millions of our seniors to lead long and productive lives well into their so-called ‘golden years’. Neither one of these programs are welfare programs. And they are only entitlement programs in the sense that the definition of ‘entitlement’ means that the people who benefit from them have paid into them over their work years and now are entitled to receive the benefits that they helped pay for.

But we have a lot of newly minted up and coming preppies who believe that Social Security and Medicare is something they won’t need if and when they reach their ‘golden years’ that they can take care of themselves when they get past the age where they will be able to work full time. We have seen this before. Corporate raiders in the past haven’t had the least compassion and compunction about raiding pensions funds and leaving those who had their retirements invested in them all but destitute.

Corporations aren’t people despite what the Five Supreme’s and Mitt Romney seem to believe and they don’t have the slightest modicum of compassion for their workers. But, their shills in congress have convinced a large segment of our population that we don’t need a social safety net for when we grow old and they are in favor of dumping Social Security and Medicare, because they have been lead to believe that they are both something from the government that people get for free and don’t earn. It’s sheer stupidity to believe that!

But, I guess it is next to impossible to fix stupid, even among those in our society who are highly motivated and educated. As Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does!” —– Bob Bearden