Tom Cole Says Dodd Frank Act Should be Repealed

How to have a Successful Tom Cole Meeting At his town meeting back in 2013, Tom Cole mentioned yet another piece of Obama’s legislation that should be repealed along with the Avoidable Health Care Act– the Dodd Frank Act. Place comments, please, on the Dodd Frank Act and probable Tom Cole reasoning for repeal here. (I thought that this act was in place to keep Banksters from crashing the world economy again) BEGIN COMMENTING NOW.

I asked this back in 2013 and got these responses.


Rob D: Tom Cole is a pig. That’s all I have to say right now.
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Weyodi S: bankers not being able to crash the world economy also entails putting limits on their ability to loot the world economy, since Cole puts the right make money at all costs above all else, he is against all this “limits” tomfoolery.
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Terry Gresham: “tomfoolery” is liked.
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Terry Gresham: Perhaps “tomfoolery” has something to do with the weird belief that the federal governments’ sole purpose is defense. So, why is most of our defense offensive? Why is our defense not to include defense from those who threaten not only our economy but the economy of the global community?
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Weyodi S: Or our planet, because I feel like I need defense from people who will make my planet unlivable for their own short term profit.
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Terry Gresham: I hereby dub the Dodd Frank Act the Dodd Frank National Security Provision Act–a step toward protecting the American people, and the people of Earth, from Wall Street terrorism, so to speak.
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Terry Gresham: This means that just like murder, armed robbery, burglary and shoplifting, “The Dodd-Frank Act’s Volcker Rule will prohibit banking entities from engaging in proprietary trading of securities, derivatives and certain other financial instruments for the entity’s own account.” And here’s where things get good: these crocks may not be allowed to bring the world’s economy to an all out cash and burn scenario. That’s a good thing, no? see Talking the President’s Progressive Achievements

Talking the President’s Progressive Achievements #1 Dodd-Frank Act
by Terry Gresham What has Obama done? What happened to HOPE? Where has he been …
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Terry Gresham!
What Wall Street Reform Means for You
A quick and simple animated explanation of how Wall Street Reform will work and …
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Gregory S: The banks went crazy like a kid in a candy store with no one around to watch them. Now everyone’s watching. Bank profits dropped through the floor in 2008 until first Bush then Obama with the 2009 Recovery Act bailed the crooks out. Chase stock is higher than ever now. Too big to fail, they say. The banks made too many loans to poor people who couldn’t afford it and nobody cared because everyone thought home prices would never stop going up. I think things are starting to loosen up now, however, as a lot more of the foreclosures have been written off. But, the era of easy banks loans is over.
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Dodd-Frank act: After 3 years, a long to-do list
Much of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law still isn’t in effect almost three years after its passage.
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