GOP: A Party of the Past

Millennials: the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002
Millennials: the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002

Bob Murl Bearden

A young Republican group commissioned a study to find out how people perceived the GOP. Their findings were astounding. Their short answer was many millennials don’t like the ‘closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned’ GOP. Now go figure why Romney not only lost the election but he lost young voters by the millions? Duh!

The pinheads in the Tea Party don’t get it. They charge on like a bull in a china shop even while their leaders are dropping out like flies, Michelle Bachman, Young voters are the future of our nation, if they don’t like the GOP then the GOP must either change or be doomed to fade from our consciousness like the ‘Know Nothing’ party of the 19th Century.

Young voters believe in funding education not defunding it. They believe that the filthy rich have overdosed on tax cuts long enough and that should stop. Only 3 percent of those surveyed believe in more tax cuts for the wealthy. In fact a majority of young voters still believe the filthy rich should pay more taxes.

They believe that there should be a fair path to citizenship for immigrants, illegal or otherwise. Even anti-abortionist in the young crowd don’t believe we should be defunding ‘Planned Parenthood’. They know that Planned Parenthood is about a lot more than abortion.

Even though young Americans are concerned about unnecessary government spending and the debt they still want more spending on education not massive cuts in education spending touted by the Tea Party wing of the GOP. They worry about the rising cost of entitlements but they are more concerned about the rising cost of college and student loan debt. They believe like most sensible people that entitlements such as social security and Medicare are needed and should be continued.

Young voters believe that economic growth and opportunity policies cannot be just about tax cuts and spending cuts. They believe that government should be involved in health care and that ‘basic health insurance is a right for all people’. They believe that if someone has no means of paying for health care the government should provide with adequate affordable heath care. They favor Obamacare by 9 points.
Despite efforts by the GOP to paint Obama with the cause and effect of the ‘Great Recession’ young voters don’t agree. They believe that Republican policies either played a major role or the biggest role in bringing about the ‘Great Recession’. When it comes to the handling of the economy young voters give Democrats a 16 point advantage.

This survey wasn’t conducted by some liberal leaning think tank or group it was conducted and processed by none other than the College Republican National Committee. That should be a wake-up call for the GOP. A group of their own young Republicans are telling them they are ‘closed –minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned’! Will they get it?

Don’t hold your breath until that happens.

I see them continuing on down the path that the Tea Party wing of the GOP has laid out for them. They seem headed down a road in a two-wheeled ox-cart at the end of which awaits the fate of all parties who won’t listen to what their own people are telling them. They are a party who no longer appeals to the youth of our nation. They have become antiquated and archaic and they just don’t seem to care that they have! It is our youth that is our future if they don’t believe in you then you are most assuredly no longer relevant!” —– Bob Bearden

One thought on “GOP: A Party of the Past

  1. By staying on their current path of saying “no” to everything, without having even one iota of a plan or alternative action on their part, they are assuring their ultimate self destruction. You may have noticed that they even are starting to fight against their own immigration plan.

    Is there no “adult” in charge of the RepubliCANTS?

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