The NSA Thing. Unelected Government.

Imagine five members of the Supreme Court thinking that corporations are people.

Terry Gresham

Here’s a thought for ya. What if this is not big governments’ national security–the NSA thing? What if this is big corporation and contractor’s national security? Try not to think small. What if the Big Brother that is supposed to or not supposed be watching us is not our government but our Unelected Government let loose by those in Washington paid for by big money?

Check out Booz Allen Hamilton, Edward J. Snowden’s employer. Booz Allen Hamilton has become one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the United States. The federal government relies more than ever on outsourcing for some of its most sensitive work.

“And, you know, specifically on Booz Allen and what these companies do, I mean, you know, they—as I wrote in my book, Spies for Hire, they do everything from, you know, CIA intervention in other countries; JSOC, you know, when it does raids, contractors are involved in finding out where people they attack are and determining the mapping and all that and the imagery to make sure that pilots and drones can hit the right people—or the wrong people. And they’re involved in the Defense Intelligence Agency. They’re involved in all military agencies that do intelligence. They do everything. They do everything that the government does.” – Tim Shorrock Read more

I’m thinking about what happens when privatization of stuff such as national security is let loose– like the Kraken–by the small government guys in Washington. I’m also wondering about stock holders in these private security contractor operations who seem virtually free from Government oversight. (We only find out what’s up from whistle-blowers what we already sense to be so) Are some of these profiteers in US Congress? And if not actual dividend recipients, are those politicians there due to the money coming from Corporate Interests.

“When private contractors are performing our intelligence gathering, they’re not looking for threats to America as much as they’re looking for opportunities for profit for themselves. When we have for-profit prisons, we end up with people in prison who shouldn’t be there. And when we have for-profit surveillance, we end up conducting surveillance that we shouldn’t be conducting.”- Randi Rhodes Read more:

Apart from annoying internet pop-up marketers, who would benefit most by spying on all Americans? The Government’s anti-terrorism networks? Maybe, to some extent but I am of the idea that that is one aside, maybe. What about this, what if the greatest benefit is to the stock holders wallets? This might also benefits their ability to contribute to their small government politicians/employees in Washington–the contributions and the revolving door.

Is a whistle-blower a patriot?

I sure hope not.  Loyalty to We the People is great while patriotism is not so great– patriotism is a cult. That being said, one placing him or herself in the position of truth bearer must weigh the possibility of prison alongside loyalty to The People.  Whistle-blowers are to be revered in this way: that they throw caution to the wind for the love of people not nations, not the state, not for “employee of the month,” and especially not for the title of patriot. I’m not so sure I could do it.

Even for those of us who have nothing to hide from government, what if this turns out to be not our government? What if our government is now the corporation–our unelected government?


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