Republicans, They Would Have Us in Burhkas if They Had Come Up With It First

Teri McGrath

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the bill that seeks to ban abortions after 20 weeks except in cases where the women is facing death (surprised that made it in there!), was approved today in the House 228-196, mostly along party lines.
Bleak: Bill That Seeks to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks Passes House

Republicans are pigs. Why the hell would you want to be associated with this party? They would have us in Burhkas if they had come up with it first. They would have us in cages like chickens. This is true. You know it.
And they would do it not because they give any shits about anyone’s babies. They don’t. They will send your baby to Iraq to lose life, limb or sanity in a war that is a lie.
They will let your baby starve.
They will put your baby in jail when he is 18, keep him there until he’s 48, and then let him starve in the street.
They will deprive your baby of nutrition, health care, and education so that THEIR babies can have three mansions and a jet for monthly trips to other nations where they can figuratively and literally FUCK other people’s babies.
They will separate you from your babies by deporting you back to where you came from. They will not know where the fuck that is.
They will use language to persecute your baby for being openly gay, until one of their babies comes out as also gay.
They will poison your baby’s water and air.
They will protect people who slaughter your 15 year old baby in the street for walking while black.
They will encourage them to do so.
They will teach your baby to hate.
They will tell your twelve year old baby that Jesus would prefer she carry her uncle’s rape baby to term because all life is precious, and the lord works in mysterious ways.
They will tell her that if she chooses to murder her precious angel she will first have to have a probe inserted into her secret dirty place so that they can see a picture of the tiny gift from God that she is about to slaughter.
They will suggest she go home and think about it for 20 weeks or so.
They will not force your employer’s healthcare policy to cover the doctor’s visit.
So they don’t care about no babies. Born or unborn.
This is their brand. They’re using the abortion “debate” like a hateful little jingle that will get stuck in your head. They think you guys love this shit. The rest–this legislation that wil torture women and couples and destroy lives–is just product placement. They know you love babies; they know you’re mostly miserable and afraid and angry. They have a variety of monsters for you to choose from.
Women are their favorite because women are a threat to them. Their ridiculous power is shriveling up, like their tiny gray penises did long ago. It is all bullshit, this power. It is a complete fantasy. It’s a morality play. If they cannot be at war with something, they don’t even know how to exist. And we are tired of war. We are tired of all kinds of war. All of us are.
These people are useless. And if you associate yourself with this party, you are wasting your time and you are GUILTY of all the suffering they have and continue to cause. Get the shit under control or get out, but don’t lie to yourself about the murderous, lying, greedy, perverse, reprehensible institution you have aligned yourself with.

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