Fagbug Oklahoma


Fagbug is a Volkswagen New Beetle owned by Erin Davies of TroyNew York who, in response to graffiti on her car, embarked on a trans-Americanroad trip to raise awareness of gay rights.

On the 11th Annual National Day of Silence, Erin Davies was victim to a hate crime in Albany, New York. Because of sporting a rainbow sticker on her VW Beetle, Erin’s car was vandalized, left with the words “fag” and “u r gay” placed on the driver’s side window and hood of her car. Despite initial shock and embarrassment, Erin decided to embrace what happened by leaving the graffiti on her car. She took her car, now known worldwide as the “fagbug,” on a 58-day trip around the United States and Canada. Along the way, Erin discovered other, more serious hate crimes, had people attempt to remove the graffiti, and experimented with having a male drive her car. After driving the fagbug for one year, Erin decided to give her car a makeover.

Oklahomans here do interview.

Here’s a blog post that features an interview with the producers of “Fagbug.” R. Deron Twohatchet made the video.

Here’s a blog post that features an interview with the producers of “Fagbug.” R. Deron Twohatchet made the video. Terry Gresham made the blog. It’s hard work maintaining a blog, and Terry uses it to keep track of progressive facebook rants, local news, and other interesting bits. I bet he’d publish a thing for you if you wrote it or made it for him. But if he’s too busy, I can do it. He does all the work on this blog, and I’m very grateful to him for it.  – Teri McGrath


3 thoughts on “Fagbug Oklahoma

  1. Another act of Fascism. These acts of terror took place in Germany in the 1930’s. Remember after Feb. 1st,1933 it was not only the Jews that went to prisons camps to die. In 1930’s germany,Gay’s as well as Union leaders and some church leaders. One fact check of our history in this country. Fascist on Wall Street funded the Nazi’s just as they fund the GOP and Tea Party today. Today our Senator from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, traveled to Uganda to help write anit-gay laws for this Fascist State. We have a long road to take back our Democracy. People seem to think the Tea Party is new. The Tea Party comes from the same family’s involved in the John Birch Society and the “Business Plot 1934”. All these group have the same goal. To over throw our Democracy and the US Government. Like the lady who survived Nazi germany stated in 1947. “Our freedms were not taking in a flood of new laws,it was like the slow drip, drip, drip from a slow leaking fauset”.

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I heard about this story and about you, young lady!! I’ve admired you since I learned about you story and how you turned it around!! People like you are the ones that will change this aspect of our world!!! KUDOS to you!!! Be proud … for you and for me!! 🙂

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