Oklahoma Militia: Goofiness Runs Amok

Barbara Santee


by Ann Douglas

 (During the 1990s, I wrote many letters to the editor and articles under the pseudonym of Ann Douglas of Glenpool, Oklahoma.  This was one of them.  Ann Douglas could say outlandish and very political things that Barbara Santee, Ph.D. couldn’t say at the time due to maintaining the neutrality of my professional image.  This article was in response to a letter to the Tulsa World from a man who claimed to be  member of the “unorganized” Oklahoma Militia.    It was published in the Oklahoma Observer on March 10, 1995.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of Hullett’s original letter to the Tulsa World although there are several articles around this time in the World about the “Oklahoma Militia.”)

We’ve always had these fringe groups that imagine themselves to be the salvation of American culture – their particular brand of American culture – the White Aryan Nation…

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