68th Annual Retired Carriers Banquet

National Association of Letter Carriers
National Association of Letter Carriers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bob Murl Bearden

The weekend is upon us. It started off on a fun note. I was lucky enough to be host and emcee of our 68th Annual Retired Carriers Banquet tonight and got to present one of my best friends Bob Stoops with his Lifetime Achievement Award (no at the OU Coach). And help present 8 of our members with their Gold Card (which means they don’t ever have to pay dues again and they will have a 24 Karat Gold Card to prove it. We also presented awards for 25, 30,35, 40, 45, 55, 60 and 65 years of Membership. We had some great speakers from our Director of Retirees Beryl Jones right down to our Keynote Speaker Angie Gaines from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. It was a great and fun night and a great way to kick off the weekend.

The National Association of Letter Carriers is a great example of what and who Unions are and how they take care of their members both active and retired!

Tomorrow I will participate in the local march and rally commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in August of 1963.

I got a lot done in clearing out the POD that contains a lot of my life with the help of a couple of Great Friends Yale and Vera (although Vera may have put a hex on the guy across the street as they had to call out the EMT and Fire Department while we were working fortunately whatever hex Vera put on him didn’t seem to have a lasting effect as he is back smoking up a storm this evening). Still have a ways to go but it getting there slowly but surely.

I hope everyone has had a great week and are looking forward to a great weekend!




Song of the Night
The night came in soft and quiet,
As it shed the heat of the day,
As the sun settled into the dark,
Its dissolving hues slipped away.

The night wind came on easy,
As it wisped between the trees,
Just as the sun faded in the west,
We heard the last of the honey bees.

The stars twinkled on up in heaven,
As the moon came shining above,
Between the stars and the moon,
They gave us a night made for love.

The wind sang a tranquil coda,
As it hastened the night along,
A soft and loving sweet sonata,
Offering lovers its magic song.


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