Bob Murl Bearden

It was a full and busy weekend, starting off with the 68th Annual Branch 458 Retired Carriers Banquet of which I was the lucky emcee. We gave out numerous awards, including 8 Gold Cards and had a group of great speakers, including Angie Gaines from the Regional Food Bank and Nicole Rhine our National Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

Saturday I was privileged to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the March on Washington in 1963, here in Red State Oklahoma. It was fun but exhausting. We marched over 300 strong from the Beacon of Hope Statute in Stiles Park to the north steps of the State Capitol where we heard a lot of great speakers. It was hot and humid and we were all glad to be able to return to our air conditioned vehicles when it was over.

We heard a wide spectrum of speakers from our own Tim O’Connor from the Labor Federation (his held the record for being the shortest speech) to Miss Fran from Story Land to Senator Connie Johnson and a rousing Keynote speech by the Reverend John Reed of the Fairview Missionary Baptist Church.

Sunday another two great sermons at church by the Reverend Lori Walke and Robin Rex Meyers in praise of women and their role in Christianity among other things. All in all a very good way to spend the weekend.

The week ahead will be not too busy with a couple of meetings and finalizing the Branch Bulletin.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and has been able to avoid the sudden return to the summer sizzle.




Let Us Keep to the Dream
In remembering the goals,
That were inspired by Dr. King,
There was equality for all,
And to all let freedom ring.

On that long ago day,
Upon the Washington Mall
Dr. King laid out his dream,
Which was inclusiveness call.

He envisioned a day,
When the color of our skin,
Would have no significance,
And hate would be at and end.

We haven’t yet reached that day,
Bigotry and hate still grab hearts,
But with renewed spirits let us,
Define what is tearing us apart.

Go forth with a new determination,
That from that day so long ago,
We will let love be triumphant,
And from hate cleanse our soul.

Let us tell all who will listen,
To follow the teachings of Christ,
Who was the first radical inclusive,
Bring love and peace back into our life.

Sending hate, bigotry and racism,
To the trash bin of our lives,
Keeping our eyes focused on,
What he envisioned as the prize.

That one day this great nation,
Will at last realize Dr. King’s vision,
That there will be equality for all,
And no color barrier of division.