Bob Murl Bearden

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. It is hot damn summer in the city again. No rain and 100 degree temperatures as summer in the Heartland returns apparently for one last fling. Labor Day weekend and the living is easy in OKC because everyone is heading for the lakes where it will be hot, muggy and overflowing with humanity and cranky adults and their even crankier kids and they all try to enjoy one last weekend before summer cools and autumn begins. It won’t happen because there will be at least 25 people per square inch at every lake in the state that prides itself on being a lake. More power to them as for me I will enjoy the quiet solace of hot damn summer in the city.

Tomorrow helping feed the homeless and working poor all the union made fried chicken they can eat along with, corn, salad, bread, desserts and drinks and socks for those who need them. Then labeling the Branch Bulletin for delivery to members next week. Sunday not much past church and maybe lunch with friends.

Monday heading out early to Henryetta and the Annual Labor Day Parade where I am supposed to help Judge. Looking forward to that and the fixin’s afterward.

I hope everyone is looking forward to their final summer fling and will enjoy this Labor Day Weekend. Please remember the why!




Let’s Hear It for the Workers
Labor Day was started,
As way to honor working people,
Give them a day of rest,
Beyond just a church steeple.

Let them learn to cultivate,
The better natures of their lives,
Give them something to hope for,
Beyond how hard they had to strive.

It was began by a unionist,
As a day that would be unique,
So that all who worked hard,
Might also see the mountain peak.

That workers could share a day,
That belonged only to them alone,
One that they could also share,
With their families left at home.

Let us never forget what labor,
Has done for this great nation,
Provided us with weekends and overtime,
Helped our kids get a good education.

Gave us lots of time off just like this,
Where we could enjoy the fruits of our labor,
Forty hour work weeks, sick and annual leave,
Health benefits and retirements we could savor.

So let us stand up and say a good word,
For all the workers of the human race,
Let us thank them for what they have done,
To make this old world a much better place.