Tell Us Why Wayne

The most common type of gun confiscated by pol...
The most common type of gun confiscated by police and traced by the ATF are .38 special revolvers, such as this Smith and Wesson Model 60 .38 Special revolver with a 3-inch barrel. LaPierre, Wayne (1994). Guns, Crime, and Freedom . Regnery Publishing. p. 58. ISBN 0895264773. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bob Murl Bearden

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of guns and gun rights. I have owned guns most of my life and my family hunted to supplement our food supply during some hard times in my childhood. I am not against guns but I am against a culture that believes there should be no sane laws to govern the right to own and keep a weapon. I am against the totally idiotic notion that there should be no restrictions on gun ownership. I am against the notion that if we pass laws that would make it harder to obtain an assault rifle with a 100 round clip that the government will take all our guns away. This is a completely asinine and irrational idea! This is my opinion you have a right to disagree, and I respect that right but it won’t change my belief!


Please Tell Us Why Wayne

Tell us why it’s okay Wayne,
Why it’s okay to own an AK15?
Why it’s okay to do nothing,
When children die by the gun?

Tell us Wayne again why?
Why we should arm every citizen,
Why everyone in this nation,
Should be packing heat?

Give again your explanation,
Tell us Wayne why people kill,
And why guns do not kill?
Do you really care Wayne?

Does your heart grieve,
For those innocents who died,
At Columbine and Virginia Tech?
For all the little children at Sandy Hook?

Tell again Wayne why it’s okay?
For our lawmakers to do nothing,
For us not to try to pass a law that,
Is aimed at reducing gun violence?

And tell us why it’s okay Wayne?
Why it’s okay to do nothing,
To stop the slaughter of innocence,
Why is it an inherent right to kill by the gun?

Please tell us Wayne! We want to know!
We need to know something that makes sense,
Before one day we all die by the gun!
Shouldn’t we also have a right to know why?

But you won’t tell us Wayne,
Because it’s not about saving lives,
It’s about money and greed,
It’s about spreading fear and death.

It’s not about making America safe,
It’s not about protecting our children,
It’s about making people rich,
And guns that kill people make people rich!


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