The Rally

Bob Murl Bearden
Thirty-five hardy or maybe I should say die-hard souls showed up at the rally yesterday to shed light on the nefariously shadowed State Policy Network group who has ties to the Heritage Foundation, those cranky old white guys the Koch Brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council. The Reverend Lance Schmitz spoke eloquently to their purpose and took them to task for how they look at the world, which is through lens of rose-colored glasses. Our guru and head master Tim O’Connor spoke about what we hoped to accomplish and what our plans for the future were, which is to have a series of town hall meetings to fight back against the forces of darkness unleashed upon working men and women and their families in the form of ALEC, SPN and the Koch Brothers and the politicians they back and fund to do their dirty work. Though small we were a group of thoughtful committed citizens, whether or not we will be able to change the world remains to be seen, but they knew we were there.

The Rally

Though we were small in number,
We got their attention any way,
They didn’t like the prospect,
That we might be there to stay.

They didn’t seem to like us much,
But they took their pictures yet,
They then went into their meetings,
As we marched past where they met.

They didn’t seem to understand,
Why we didn’t like them much,
They seem to think they are America,
Of that they are sorely out of touch.

They represent the dark side of America,
They want to do away with worker’s rights,
Take us back to the nineteenth century,
But they aren’t to do that without a fight.

We can’t let their cabal of cranky old men,
Take away everything that we have won,
If we don’t stand up for what is right,
Are nation and its people will be done.


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