Insanity Personified

As we slide into what promises to be another beautiful autumn season, we are confronted with crazy people who somehow are in control of at least one-third of our government and they are so intent on getting their way that they are willing to take our nation, its people and even the entire world down with them, but they don’t care.

The first and only street named after the 44th...
The first and only street named after the 44th president, Barack H. Obama in the nation! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all stems from the fact that for two presidential elections cycles our nation’s citizens have twice elected its first Black President, Barack Hussein Obama, whom they hate. And their hatred is so intense that they are willing to crash all of the world’s economy to make his presidency fail.

They want to destroy all of the safety nets created over the past 70 plus years that protect our most vulnerable citizens from being mired in abject poverty just to express their hatred for President Obama. It is an insane premise. They know it and they don’t care. They are even willing to admit it on camera and in interviews.
They are acting like a group of spoiled kids and it would be funny were it not so deadly serious, what they are trying to do. They have no real sense of responsibility or statesmanship. Crashing our government, its economy and the world’s economy is purely a rash and reckless course. Even their worshipful master Ronald Reagan would be appalled at their craziness. “Have they no shame! At long last have they no shame?” Apparently they do not. They are so intent on doing harm to our first Black President that they are willing to take our nation its citizens and the world down with them.

They have attempted to slash the food stamp program (SNAP) to point of placing nearly 3 million of our citizens in jeopardy. They are demanding that President Obama cut the Affordable Health Care Act, a move that would deny access to basic health benefits to more than 30 million of our citizens. They are demanding draconian cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security which would do irreparable harm to the lives of millions of our seniors and millions of our children.

Holding our nation and its citizen’s hostage unless they get their way is the most reprehensible, irresponsible and cowardly thing that could be imagined. It goes, as far as I am concerned, beyond the normal borders of reason coming perilously close to an act of treason. To say it is despicable is to be kind, there are far more graphic words that I could conjure up and those still wouldn’t be adequate to describe the what they are attempting to do.

No true patriot of this nation on any nation so conceived could possibly contemplate the destruction their country just to punish its people for exercising their right to elect whom they choose to the highest office in the land and yet there it is. Where are the grownups in this group? Apparently there are none?


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  1. Great post. Two of the leaders of this destructive movement are from your home state. Nothing is going to change until there is a grass roots movement to remove these characters from office. Unfortunately, there seems to be a consensus to “throw the bums out, except for my guys, they’re ok.”

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