11 Things You Should Know About The Government Shutdown

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.




The first thing everyone needs to know about the government shutdown is that it didn’t have to happen.


But an extreme group of House Republicans refused to pass a real budget — one of their most basic duties as members of Congress. So here we are.


A lot of people are wondering what this means for their families and communities — they’re seeing the headlines and hearing all the back and forth. That’s why we wanted to share this great list The Washington Post put together of the way the shutdown is hurting real people.


Read the top nine ways the shutdown affects millions of people — then forward and share this email to anyone you know who needs to see it.


The Top 11 Ways a Government Shutdown Affects Real Americans


1. 800,000 federal employees will go…

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One thought on “11 Things You Should Know About The Government Shutdown

  1. Im looking for footage of last nights Rachel Maddow Show around 1145PM 9/30/13 of the Republicans coming out of a committee room shouting they were glad the government was shutting down. In the middle of the group was 4th District Rep Tom Cole shouting he agreed with the shut down. Please send to my Facebook.

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