Republican Rep. Cole Voted for the Shutdown

Opinons-08-TCEldon McMath

Get the word out. Our Republican Rep. Cole voted for the shutdown and when ask by the press how it went he said great. We have a lot of people here at Ft. Sill that may be affected by this. I can not think of a better time for a good Democrat to run against him.

Peter Gatliff

Get the word out nation. Rep. Tom Cole after weeks in the national and Oklahoma media preaching shutting the government down was insane. Then turned around and voted to shut down the government. Fine example for term limits. How u like them commissary privileges now.


One thought on “Republican Rep. Cole Voted for the Shutdown

  1. Came out in the British news the Congress House floor reaked with booze during the debates and heavy drinking in the committiee room. Look at Rachel Maddow showthe night of the shut down 9 min 35 into the broadcast and see Tom Cole. glee over the shut down.

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