Forrest Gump was here
Forrest Gump was here (Photo credit: bigweasel)

Bob Murl Bearden

As we get deeper into the shutdown it is amazing what is coming from the very people who demanded the government be shutdown. Like the congressman from North Carolina who wrote the letter and got 79 of his republican colleagues to sign it. He now says he would prefer not to be blamed and that he feels so sorry for all of the people being furloughed by the shutdown. Really? He feels their pain? Give me a brake!

I am reminded of Forest Gump’s quote, “Stupid is as stupid does.” These crazies are raising the bar on stupid to a whole new level! Forest Gump is Einstein compared to these bozos!

” Like a bunch of cockroaches running about when the light is turned on in the basement! Come to think of it, they make the cockroaches look like Einstein!”–Dorothy Alexander

In a raise the bar for stupid, one angry shutdown tea partier congressman wailed away at a polite federal park ranger because the park he was intending to take a few of his constituents to was closed due to (drum roll here) the shutdown he caused. There seems to be total disconnect between what they do and the consequences caused thereto. A lack of intelligent thinking seems to permeate the very air that they breathe. You are gleeful and giddy one moment because you have brought your own government to a standstill and flogging angry the next moment because you aren’t able to connect the dots on the cause an effect of the shutdown. They obviously missed the part in the 1st grade ‘Fun With Dick and Jane! See spot run. See me shutdown the government. See me be stupid! Run spot run!


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