ACA: Obama the Socialist

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...
Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish he was a socialist. He’s basically a Republican. That’s why the Republican party is so insane right now. He’s so moderate, they have to make ridiculous demands just to fight with him.

Don C: I have said all about him I care to, I’ll be glad when he is gone, it will take years to rebuild what he has destroyed. BTW calling anyone who disagrees with his highness a racist is foolish. I would not walk across the street to urinate on him if he was on fire, not because he is black (remember he is half white too) but because he is a socialist.

Where are you, Don, getting your info about the ACA from? Where do you get your info about Obama from? What has he destroyed?

I think he’s a great leader. If more people followed his example, our government would work wonderfully. Republicans think they are in a fight. They do not understand what it means to work toward s a solution to a problem. And despite their incompetence, Obama gets things done. Man, are people going to get sentimental for Obama toward the end of his term–and we’ll have to measure the constant barrage of attacks he was subject to, including straight up insulting, racist attacks–against his patience and determination. I know how badly people want to make a bad guy out of him, but it’s just never going to work.

Don C: As far as I am concerned obama is a self centered fool. He never cared about compromise, the national economy is in a shambles and he doesnt care.

The ACA is legislation written by conservatives. It’s the law we ended up with because Republicans are too scared of socialized medicine. It is a compromise Obama made because he wants everyone to have access to healthcare. Republicans don’t really care either way–or else they really believe that people who can’t pay for their health care should suffer and die for being poor.

Don C: The ACA will bankrupt America.

I don’t think it will bankrupt America. I think that something has to be done about healthcare, and most of our leaders are working for the Republican Party instead of the U.S. They are either corrupt or incompetent. And all they know how to do is attack and campaign. They don’t know how to lead.

ACA is not perfect. What we need is universal healthcare for all. But it’s a step in the right direction. It came about because of Obama’s “grand bargain” with a Republican congress. He is a good leader. He wants solutions to the problems we face, so all the petty attacks he’s subjected to are unimportant.

I agree that blaming is not much use–especially in the past tense, but the fact is that right now, in this country, at this moment, the Republican party is a destructive force–either deliberately or through sheer incompetence. They are nothing but destructive.

Don C: Thank you and have a good day. I am finished communicating with you.

You insulted my president and you insulted my socialist friends by saying that you would not pee on them if they were on fire. Why is that okay? You probably are finished with talking to me because I don’t think you have much to say, in detail, about why you think Obama is a socialist. I’m sorry I made you mad, Don. I was really only joking. I thought it would be funny.

Vicke A: I registered on the website and checked out my tax rebate as well as the plans available. I am going to get the exact plan I already have now for FREE, a savings of more than $225 per month. This is great for someone that is self-employed like me.

Yeah, socialized medicine is great. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Obamacare, which is a healthcare reform program designed by conservatives. The cool thing about it, though, is that a lot of people who couldn’t can now get medical care.

“The Republicans call a lot of things socialist, but socialism is when the government owns big business and industry. When the government owns the highways that’s not socialism. The government owns and runs a lot of things: schools, the military, police, the court system, the post office. If that was socialism we would have been socialists since the country was founded. The Republicans are just defending big insurance companies by using the socialist smear to frighten people.” – zFacts

It’s okay you don’t like Obama.


One thought on “ACA: Obama the Socialist

  1. I’m happy we have some kind of health care, and I agree, Obama is not a socialist. Most folks would be hard pressed to even define the term. But Obama as a great leader? Far from it. He has gone back on his word for open government, has 6 journalists in jail for whistle blowing, and is leading the largest, most intrusive attack against our civil liberties in history.

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