GOP Glitches

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s amazing that before there were known to be glitches the right wingers were about destroying Obamacare AKA the Affordable Health Care Act, but when that failed, and miserably they suddenly became so empathic with those who wanted Obamacare but were having problems navigating the new web site set up for people to sign up for it, and ultra critical of the problems the site was having.

A far cry from 2006 when Bush the Lessor pushed through the unfunded Medicare Part D and the site set up for people to sign up for it developed major problems and glitches. What a difference a year makes and the president who was. In 2006 the right wingers were all about solving the problems and saying things like any time you roll out a new program you have to expect glitches.

Now it is burn baby burn we will brook no glitches.

Hipocritical? You bet!

Bush the Lessor could do no wrong no matter how much wrong he did. Obama, well that’s as the old commercial went, a whole other smoke.

Obama could invent a new mouse trap that would rid the world of mice and they would find some reason to trash it. People it’s not about what’s right for this country and its citizens it’s about how can we help make Barack Hussein Obama a one term president? Oops that didn’t work either!
I won’t say they are idiots, but if they were idiots, but then I would be repeating myself. Thanks Mark for that gem of a line.

Bob Bearden


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