Robert R: Afraid that Socialism is Gonna Get Him

  • Robert has VA care already but he is convinced that he is not a Socialist. Did I also mention that he does not care for Government “hand-outs” or that he doesn’t like poor folks?

    Robert R– Yes, Jesus did say that. And I do give my part to society. But at what point do I stop getting my wallet drained? Let’s take a freakin’ poll. How many are poor in this nation that really could be doing better but they choose the easy way in life instead of dedicating themselves to being independent of free freaking handouts all the time????? I worked at the welfare office for six freaking months and I should have taken pictures. I would say that 1 in 6 really need the benefits they are applying for. If you are healthy enough to drive and do other things you are healthy enough to go to work and support yourself. .

     His Christian values tell him that poor folks getting Government assistance are bad.
    • Robert R. –-Socialism – as defined by Webster’s Dictionary – will never occur in this nation as long as there are folks like me. There is a majority of Americans out there that still believe in bringing home a paycheck and not living off of the payrolls of someone else.
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    • Teri McGrath — Socialism isn’t a big deal. The word is practically meaningless now, since conservative propaganda has turned it into a scary monster for people to fear and be angry at. What you’re suggesting is that socialism means laying around and using government money. But that’s super super stupid.
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    • Robert R. — That is exactly what it is – but at a price. And the price is control. I am not a sheep; no one will ever tell me what I can and can’t do other than the laws that are on the books as they are there for our safety and well being. I will not be told what type of medical care I can have. If I happen to loose my VA benefits and retirement benefits and have to sign up for the ACA I will not. I will pay the $95.00 fine to the IRS every year until someone gets elected to abolish the ACA. I do not believe in conspiracy theories but I also do not believe in giving another adult any more control over me. Today’s society is pathetic. We need the government to tell us it is OK to do it. Sorry, but I have been in charge of my life since I turned 18. I will not conform. And by the way, at one time this government tried to enforce prohibition too. Tell me again how long that lasted?
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    • Teri McGrath– In what way will the ACA control your life?
    • Robert R.– It won’t control my life, I have Tricare. It is not the ACA itself that will control anyone’s life. That is what people who support this crap cannot comprehend. The federal government is telling you that you WILL enroll under the ACA. You have no choice. Period. Your medical insurance must fall under the parameters of the ACA. No more competitive fees. No choice of doctor like they said – if you haven’t looked at the papers, many insurance companies are dropping customers. Read the truth, not the spin. See, I can read the truth and the spin because like I said, I am exempted from the ACA so I can sit back and weigh it in. And in the end, the ones that cannot afford health care will now double. The plans at a glance do look affordable. Look beyond the front page. Look at all the people getting ready to start loosing their full time benefits and becoming part time employees just the employers do not have to cover them. Not because employers are ruthless-but because employers cannot afford it.
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    • Teri McGrath –It requires people to buy insurance–the individual mandate–which was a conservative idea–was necessary so that the ACA can require insurance companies to cover people despite pre-existing conditions. If we have universal healthcare, we wouldn’t have to give our money to insurance companies and let them dictate what care we have, but at least the ACA stops insurance companies from dropping people for pre-existing conditions, and it makes healthcare affordable for people who couldn’t afford it, and it expands medicaid for people who cannot. It doesn’t affect you or me or anyone who already has insurance. And I’m guessing it doesn’t affect your choices anymore than your insurance companies affect your choices. I mean–I guess that doesn’t apply to you because you have government insurance. Your insurance is more socialist than the ACA.The individual mandate is in place and was supported by the supreme court because it is necessary if we want to force insurance companies to insure everybody. Those are the requirements you’re talking about–the reason insurance companies are dropping plans is that they now have to cover people, regardless of medical history and they can’t charge women more for being women.I guess it might be a socialist idea of mine to want everyone in the nation to have access to healthcare. If I had my way, we would use our tax money to fund a national health care system. I think we’re more than capable of having a great one. But that’s socialism. So instead what we have is legislation that forces us to give money to profit-driven entities. So who’s the socialist here? Who’s controlling who? If my healthcare decisions are going to be made by people other than me, would I rather it be an entity created by a government of the people concerned with welfare of the people, or with a disgusting pig monster of an insurance company who wants nothing but my money.
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    • Robert R.– Yes, in a boomerang fashion it is another welfare option. I, a hard working person who pays taxes and lives responsibly, would have pay into a system that covers everyone else’s insurance. Did you see the deductibles under some of those plans? Have you even looked at how much you will pay in the end should you need to be hospitalized under this grandiose plan they call the ACA? I doubt it, but the sticker shock is there. And by the way, you don’t have to refer to conservative in every posting. I don’t really like conservative point of views either Or liberal point of views. I am neither. I am very much independent in my thoughts and know how to balance good and bad.
    • Robert R.– I know it is hard to grasp, but there are some of us who do not fall under the neat filing system of liberal, conservative, socialist, democrat, republican…..and we will be the folks that will eventually right this nation.
    • Marian P.  —  Robert R.,  the ACA is the same as auto-insurance in a way it is necessary to mandate that all people have H-Ins because too many are showing up in ER’s without coverage,and what the Hospitals have noticed (Through having to take folks to court, to get paid), is that a lot of people could have afforded it but chose to do something else with their money.As a result many ER’s have had to close(putting all of us at risk during emergencies).
    • Don C– The ER at both CCMH & SW are open
    • Marian P — Individual rights cannot supersede the well being of the whole.
    • Don C– In our democracy the rights of the minority trump those of the majority
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    • Teri McGrath– The people who pay for insurance and healthcare already pay for people who can’t. unless you think people without money should die in the streets for being poor, you know we need a system that ensures everyone has access to care. ACA is by no means the best. In fact, it sucks. What should happen is we should all pay taxes to support a national healthcare system.
    • Marian P– Don C. there is a whole world outside of Lawton.
    • Don C– True but I live here. Name ERs that are closing
    • Robert R– Let’s get off the poor kick for a minute. They are not my problem. Period. I said it. I go to church every Sunday and have not been struck by lightning for saying that the poor are not my problem. Period. I give to charity. How much more do they want??????????
    • Marian P– it is not the super poor that is the problem, it is people who could afford H-In but chose not too.
    • Teri McGrath So you do think they should suffer and die. Do you think you are better than the people who do not have money, so you deserve healthcare, while they deserve to suffer and die? If so, that’s cool.
    • Don C– Robert R, Jesus said we would always have the poor with us
    • Robert R– And there are 4 states that do not require Auto Insurance to drive a vehicle. New Hampshire is one of them
    • Marian P —…

      A study said that urban and suburban areas had lost a quarter of their hospital E.R.’s in the last 20 years.
    • Don C– Obama had the votes to get whatever he wanted. He created this mess that will create large profits for the insurance and drug companies
    • Teri McGrath– I just got done having an argument with a couple guys about how terrible uninsured drivers are….
    • Robert R– Yes, Jesus did say that. And I do give my part to society. But at what point do I stop getting my wallet drained? Let’s take a freakin’ poll. How many are poor in this nation that really could be doing better but they choose the easy way in life instead of dedicating themselves to being independent of free freaking handouts all the time????? I worked at the welfare office for six freaking months and I should have taken pictures. I would say that 1 in 6 really need the benefits they are applying for. If you are healthy enough to drive and do other things you are healthy enough to go to work and support yourself.
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    • Teri McGrath– It’s not good. I hope it really is a step toward socialized medicine like everyone says it is. That’s the way we need to go. We’re wasting money, otherwise.
    • Teri McGrath –The other thing Jesus said is judge not lest ye be judged. I’m not Christian, but I know Jesus knew what he was talking about. You are not in a position to judge any other human being, Robert. You’re just some guy. You’re not special. You don’t deserve anything you have. That’s not the way it works in this country
    • Don C — Robert not arguing with you at all. The ACA is going to generate huge profits for insurance and drug companies. It will do very little for the poor and uninsurable. Obama is giving them a big payoff for supporting him
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    • Marian P –Don C, Could you argue the merits of a problem without blaming everything on President Obama? I never see you post any facts
    • Robert R. — Stating observations are not judgments. They are facts. If you are dressed better than me, with your cute little I-phone 5 in hand, and your driving and Escalade, then you probably don’t need freebies.
    • Don C — Teri Jesus said not to judge unless you wanted the same.
    • Don C –Marian your story really only talks about New York
    • Don C — Ok Marian fact: Obama had the majority for the first two yeRs of his term yes or no
    • Robert R —And if the poor die, it is because of choices they made Teri. Period. Not because I didn’t sign up for the ACA.
    • Marian P– Don C., All national problems start in large urban areas first, then trickle down to these little backwards states.
    • Don C– Marian you are so condescending it is deplorable
    • Don C– You should really be quiet rather than continuing to embarrass your self. But I have told you that before.
    • Marian P– According to whom? Don C..
    • Don C — Anyone that reads your posts.
    • Don C — You deem yourself so superior. It’s sickening
    • Marian P– Uh!!! So do you Don C.
    • George W– NO “”Ok Marian fact: Obama had the majority for the first two yeRs of his term yes or no”” NO … lol … if you post this and believe it then everything else is suspect.
    • Robert R– The ACA will go away. Just like prohibition. I do not work to feed the poor. Maybe the United States should pull out of countries like Germany and Afghanistan and everywhere else. And stop foreign aid to their governments. Then we could afford the ACA.
    • Marian P– Robert R, For the most part they are all out of Germany in 2015, except Ramstein.
    • George W– LIES … all I see here are GOP Republican lies reposted by liars …here is some truth for you but you won’t dare watch it because all you are interested in is the lie….See More

      This pretty much speaks for itself. At 1:05, I get a rude awakening. At 1:41, he…See more
    • MarianP– There is not just one reason for poverty, there are many.
    • Robert R –-The main reason for poverty = self pity. The day one wakes up, looks in the mirror and says I deserve better and does not go to the welfare office to get it but goes out to improve themself through hard work and devotion wins.
    • Marian P–

      Think you could never be denied access to emergency medical care for something a…See more
    • Teri McGrath –Robert, I’m sorry but you do not know the main reasons for poverty. The stance you are taking is one of privilege. It’s laughable and it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what you think about poverty. You are living in a fantasy world.
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    • Marian P. —…

      An overview of New Hampshire car insurance rules, including compliance with the state’s “financial responsibility” requirement for vehicles owners.
    • Teri McGrath– I am talking about the fact that some people do not have access to healthcare as a problem. A national problem, and in fact, a national shame. You, Robert, are talking about how awesome you are for not being poor.
    • Teri McGrath –Damn! Are we talking about car insurance again? Wasn’t I on the other side of this argument last time? lol
    • Marian P — New Hampshire is the only state that will let you opt out of having Auto in. but there are several other guidelines before you can do this. Both Teri McGrath andRobert Riedel are right about poverty. There are some people who could do better and there are some who cannot. There is never just one answer. Yes Teri you were.
    • Robert R..– Yes, I am awesome. I am what America dreams to be. I work my a$$ off and do not accept a free ride for anything. There will be a statue placed with a dedication ceremony this evening at Elmer Thomas Park. I will be signing books later in front of the soon to be defunct Target. History will remember me .
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    • Terry Gresham — Jesus was poor.
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    • Teri McGrath — Well, I’m pretty special too right now. I have a home and health insurance and time to spend arguing with grumpy old men on the internet. But most of the people I have known do not have these luxuries. The notion that the poor are lazy is the most crazy ridiculous prejudice we have. You can’t be lazy if you’re raising a family on your own using low-wage work. I don’t understand how we can have so little respect for the people we see every day when we go shopping or when we go to restaurants or get gas or wherever we go to be served by people who are making barely enough money to survive.I know there are people who take advantage of the system, but I don’t really blame them either. I think most people want to be useful and independent. We don’t have a system designed to help people be useful and independent. We have system designed to keep people chained to low wage work at McDonalds and Walmart, whose employees often need government benefits to supplement their income. If you’re mad about welfare, be mad about these companies who do not pay their employees a fair wage. Maybe there are lazy people out there, but we can’t control individuals. We can control giant ugly monsters like McDonald’s, though, because we have a government of the people. We make the laws. And we can demand fair pay.We do not have equality right now. That’s the problem. We do not all have equal access to health care, education or even nutrition. The military is a great socialist institution in terms of what is provides to members, but I don’t think we can live on war anymore. I think the world is about done with that. I think you’re right about what should happen–the money we’re spending to destroy lives in other countries should be brought back home and used to save and improve the lives and quality of lives of people here. Everyone must have equal access to healthcare, education, information and nutrition. Imagine how great we would be if this were achieved.
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    • Robert R– I am under 40. And retired. What’s to be grumpy about?
    • Teri McGrath — lol Well you sound like an old an, Robert.
    • Robert R– Most of the poor are lazy. Think about how folks get to that level. Some, unfortunately, are born into it. A vast growing majority of folks; however, make bad choices along the way that either keep them below the poverty level or drive them below the poverty level. First and foremost, folks that can barely take care of themselves financially should probably stop spreading their legs and multiplying. I do not deny anyone children but I do believe you should be able to afford them. No excuse. Many places hand out free birth control such as condoms. Next on the plate is amenities. If you have to purchase it on a credit card, chances are you may not need. Now I have a credit card but I make a point to keep it paid off. Most folks are poor because of bad decisions. It is easier to lay on our backs and get pregnant with multiple children and buy things that we cannot afford than it is to go out and live a respectable lifestyle.
    • Teri McGrath — What you are saying is just stupid. I have no way of responding to it because it’s so perfectly idiotic.
    • Teri McGrath — And sexist. This conversation is boring. I take it back. You don’t sound like an old man. You sound like an ignorant child.
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    • Robert R.— Really? Take a look around. It is glaringly obvious. Go work at DHS for a week. Take a look around. Then take some college courses in socio-economics. That’s right. No one lives beyond their means in America. The mortgage crisis never occurred. How does a single parent afford more than one or two children until they are old enough to fend for themselves? It is true. Once you start falling behind in a debate, you start the name calling. Look up the facts. Use the internet for more than a gossip post.
    • Teri McGrath — Oh I know people live beyond their means–everyone does. Our entire economy is based on people living beyond their means. This isn’t a debate. This is you saying stupid things. If you don’t understand that working in a DHS office for a week does not teach you anything about “the poor,” then I don’t think you’re ready for a debate. You’re just saying stupid hateful boring things. You don’t know what you are talking about and you sound stupid.
    • Teri McGrath — How about you look up the facts. Go look them up and then show me the facts about all the lazy poor people.
    • Teri McGrath — Anyway, as I’ve said, it doesn’t matter what you think about the poor. What you are saying is so divorced from reality it just doesn’t matter. You are the type of person who can just be ignored.
    • Robert R — Them ignore me – it doesn’t change the facts
    • Teri McGrath — Why do you want to be so stupid and hateful, though. Doesn’t it bother you? Doesn’t it bother you that you are ignorant and wrong?
    • Teri McGrath–  I’ll ignore you eventually, but what I mean is that you can be ignored. Like in public discourse, in politics–your opinion is absolutely useless because you live in a fantasy land.
    • Robert R — No, I don’t live in a fantasy land but I do know the difference between someone who is truly struggling through a rough patch and someone who is just milking the system because it is easy and in America it is too easy – just have more babies. So therefore, I have no pity when they cannot afford healthcare because they can afford everything else they should not be spending money on. New cars, I-phones, designer clothes, etc. It is called responsible living. That phrase hurts the ears of some people.
    • Teri McGrath — What do you mean by they? Also, you do know that the assumptions you make about a few people you’ve seen in welfare office do not constitute “facts” that support the ridiculous idiotic generalizations you are making right now. You’re just spewing hate. What are you trying to accomplish?
    • Robert R.– I do not hate anyone. Well, let me take that back. I hate the people who decide that their income and their way of life will be paid for by the honest hard working person. Where is the fairness? Why should I go bust my hump just to walk into wal mart or some other store to see someone using food stamps to pay for steak while they are texting away on their I-phone or galaxy while their children run crazy thru the store? I ask again. Where is the fairness that my hard earned money goes to that crap? Socialism at it’s best. The few work so the masses can drink and be merry.
    • Teri McGrath — You don’t understand anything about fairness because you are privileged. What you are saying is factually wrong, and if you would but google one time and do a minimal amount of research into poverty and welfare you would have proof of that, but even if you don’t do that–even if you use your own magnificent powers of observation of the human condition you should know that you are wrong. You think you should get a trophy because you work for a living and pay taxes? And you don’t get big celebrations for doing what you are supposed to do, so you try to make yourself feel better by imagining there is a group of lazy people you are better than. You are not better than any one. You’re just some guy. Running his ignorant mouth.I’m bored of you.
    • Terry Gresham —  I think it all comes down to ideology. One in particular, Dixiecrats, they left the Democratic Party to join the Republicans. Thank you election of Harry Truman.Good ridance. Sorry GOP but you can have them….See More

    • Robert R.– I am not wrong and I am not privileged by any means unless of course you believe that someone who puts in at least 8 hours a day and then an additional 4-6 for college courses privileged. And by the way, I am not paying for the college courses, the VA is – they are giving back the 20 years of dedication I only wish more than the 1% of this nation that actually serves had.
    • Teri McGrath — Yes, dear. You are a special boy.
    • Robert R — I already told you I was. You missed the statue dedication tonite. Please try to make it to the book signing
    • Teri McGrath — I hope I get to witness the day you finally get clue, but you’ve got a lot of growing up to do first.
    • Robert R — I am not the one slinging insults. You are. I have merely voiced my opinion and if I really wish I can pull data. But I won’t. I have nothing to prove; I could play this silly cat and mouse game all night. Everyone knows there are people out there…See More
    • Teri McGrath Yes, dear.

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