We Just Need to Cut Through the Crap.

Cover to Lex 2000 #1, featuring Lex Luthor as ...
Cover to Lex 2000 #1, featuring Lex Luthor as President of the United States. Art by Glen Orbik. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The president is certainly not a moron, for instance. He’s a lot of things, but not stupid. “The poor” are a HUGE percentage of our population. Whatever you say about “The Poor” you are saying about people you see and smile at every day. You might as well spit in their faces. It’s disgusting to insult your fellow Americans in that way, especially if with the same breath you are complaining about how terrible the economy is right now because Obama. You are insulting me and many people I love. You say you don’t come from a position of privilege, and if that is so, you’re insulting the people who raised you and the people you grew up with. It is a terrible thing to do. I know that a lot of people on TV do it, but that is a Republican strategy. It has nothing to do with the truth. It’s propaganda.

There is a lot of bullshit we need to get over. George, a person I converse with, is quite quite right.

I used to think of GW as an evil villain–like Lex Luthor. I used to think he was going to use the military to keep power. I believed that, and I was very wrong because WHY would our military turn on their own people? What the hell would they be fighting for if they were shooting at us? I learned that from the Egyptians. And that’s when I stopped being afraid of presidents. All of those people in congress and in The White House are not super villains or super anything. They are just people. They don’t have power over us; they have RESPONSIBILITY. And some of them are incompetent. Some of them don’t understand what their job is; Some understand but fail to do it. Some are doing all they can. We should assume that ALL of them want to serve the nation, instead of their party and themselves. That’s why everyone is pissed at Republicans right now, because they have shown their huge, wrinkly white ass to the whole damned world, and we can’t unsee it.

Obama wants to serve the nation. He can be legitimately and usefully criticized as a leader, but often people talk about him as if he is an evil dictator. Since he is neither evil, nor a dictator–we should talk about him as if he is a man whose job it is to lead the country, whether or not we think he’s doing it right. And right now, we should just be talking about how we are going to deal with our challenges as a nation. It’s useless to criticize Obama. He’s not running for office again, right? Do the Fox News suckers know that? He’s not campaigning. This is definitely his last term, so there’s no reason to attack him anymore. It’s just that attacking him is all Republicans have been doing for six years, and they literally do not know what else to do. It’s so sad and stupid. Try and have an honest guess at how history will view Obama’s presidency. Republicans have made terrible fools of themselves, and not too long from now, you all will be pretending that you didn’t buy into the transparent propaganda of the right. Because it is shameful.


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