Destructive and Blatantly Idiotic Party

English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral...
English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory speech on Election Night ´08, in Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People aren’t turning on each other because of President Obama. They are turning on each other because the Republican platform consists of social issues that truly are not the government’s business but that people LOVE to get excited about. They hate on women, poor people, Mexicans, Muslims. Constant hate in the form of legislation that causes suffering for actual people. We can’t ignore what they are doing because they are hurting people, and when we express our righteous outrage at their constant attacks on human rights and dignity, the people who blindly support them because they only watch Fox propaganda get mad and double down on their support. For an absolutely terrible, destructive, and blatantly idiotic party. They run on hatred. That’s why we’re divided.

A lot of good things have happened since he took office, like the economy didn’t totally crash, we can all have health insurance now, homosexuals can openly serve in the military and DOMA has been repealed. There are lists of his accomplishments on line. You can look and see which ones you think are positive or not.

It’s true that criticism of Obama is often perceived as racism, and that is not always fair, but it is not only unfair, it is ignorant to pretend that racism isn’t behind the constant barrage of attacks on him and the Republican party’s single minded determination to undermine his presidency, which has failed anyway because they suck so bad they even suck at sucking. When I see a lot of “Obama is a moron!” “Obama is a socialist” bullshit, which is just meaningless and unsupportable. Those aren’t statements of opinions, guys. They are arguable assertions, or they are insults. If you don’t provide any explanation, I assume that there is something behind the vitriol other than politics. People are not thinking about Obama when they criticize him. They are thinking of Clint Eastwood’s imaginary chair friend.

Our nation was a joke and shame to the world until Obama was elected. Because of GW Bush’s illegal war and general idiocy. Obama’s election in 2008 was celebrated around the world. He hasn’t torn down our country.


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