We just got past the full moon and Halloween is just a couple of days off

Ann Coulter has a new love, Ted Cruz. I guess it’s a case of crazies in love. Of course we just got past the full moon and Halloween is just a couple of days off. Ann always brings to mind the old Hank Williams Sr tune ‘Howling At The Moon’. Ted Cruz is a man with a plan and that is – find a way to be just crazy enough to stir up all the righties and if they have enough orgasims over his pronouncements they will vote him idiot of the year and eventually reward him with the Tea Party nomination for president. Me thinks Hillary wilt thwart him soundly both hip and thigh. Brain for brain Hillary wins hands down. School is still out on whether or not he has one. I am currently leaning towards the camp that says no he don’t!


Now comes an assembly man from Nevada who made the statement that if the people who elected him wanted to have slaves he would be for it. Is there some way we can legally keep these Tea Partiers from breeding? I know freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution, but maybe we need an amendment that says anyone running for public office must pass an IQ test and have an IQ of at least 120. Well, probably can’t do that but, geez, Forest Gump really knew from what for when he said, “Stupid is as stupid does!” Unfortunately, idiots can still procreate and apparently given the mentality of most of the Tea Partiers they still do. Scary!



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