Melding of the State with Corporations

A great discussion dealing with abortion restrictions on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show on MSNBC this morning. It included the lady who recently did a piece about Oklahoma’s restrictive abortion law. Amazingly she reported that a lot of the Republican legislators she interviewed for her piece personally wasn’t against women having abortions but instead of voting their consciences (assuming they actually have one) they voted lock step with what their party espouses which is no abortions are to be allowed. Their interests lies in getting re-elected over doing what is right or even in doing what they personally believe is right.

We are seeing more and more elected officials (and not always just in the GOP) who vote lock step and refuse to stand up and vote for what they believe. That was evident in the recent shut down of the government when Republican house members actually went on camera decrying the shut down and yet voted in lock step with the Ted Cruz crowd to shut down the government.

It is insane to think that we have people being elected that care more about getting re-elected than they do about doing what they know to be right. The Tea Party is ruining not only the Republican Party but America itself with its asinine and insanely anti-government ideas. Voting people into our government who would gladly and even gleefully destroy that government to which they have been elected is completely irresponsible and borders on treason, in my opinion. Reform a government that is not working properly but destroying it is treasonous at the very least.

We have the rule of law (or we used to) that gives citizens and their elected representatives a path to reform but getting elected to destroy the rule of law isn’t American nor is it patriotic. We the people are being slowly but surely boiled to death and most of us can’t even fathom what that means or what we can do to stop it. We have allowed corporate America to seize powers far beyond what they ever should be entitled to, simply because we have become a nation of one issue voters that vote only for one issue at the exclusion of all other issues. The economy is the most important issue of our time and yet voter after voter votes against their own economic well-being simply because of one burning issue they place above all other, never realizing that if you don’t have a job or an income, if you don’t have your health and well-being, nothing else matters.

They buy the scare tactics of charlatans who tell them what they want hear without ever realizing that, that person has none of their best interests in mind and will never vote for any other issue that concerns them. There has been in this country a subtle dumbing down of the electorate. But when you get your news of what is going on in the world from only one source and that source is deliberately manipulating the news to benefit what their owners want the public to know then you are being dumbed down. Call what you want if you don’t get unfiltered news then you are not getting a sense of what is really happening.

We have news sources and pundits reporting on news that is absolutely false as if it were the gospel truth. The scary thing about that even more than the fact that it is false is that people who listen to it believe it even in the face of what their mind and brain is telling them. Even in the face of reason. We have perfectly intelligent people buying what they hear presented as fact hook, line and sinker and even when their own intellect and brain is telling them this is not possible. We have a whole generation of college educated citizens who still believe as people did in the dark ages. It is outrageously stupid, but it is a fact.

As a friend told me the other day it may be impossible to fix stupid. I am coming around to the possibility that she knows what she is talking about. I am seeing and talking everyday with highly educated people who accept the lies they are told as truth. Who see absolutely nothing wrong in buying into a scenario their own brain tells them is not true. And when the politicians and pundits who perpetuate these untruths are called out on the facts they simply stonewall and say they didn’t say that or they just say it is true and everything else is a lie.

It is a world gone mad! And if enough of our citizens fail to wake up and realize what is happening to our nation we will soon become a nation where corporationism is the rule of law. Corporationism as defined by the man who invented fascism, Benito Mussolini is simply put fascism, for he said fascism is the perfect melding of the state with corporations.



  1. Excellent blog. Well said. Glad I found your blog. You have to be one of the few “Blues” in Oklahoma. I have a lot of ties to Oklahoma: my wife is from Oklahoma, I was stationed at Ft. Sill when I was in the Army, I worked in OKC, and met my bride there. We have made some progress in convincing some of her family to” think Blue”. Keep up the good work in OKLA!!

    1. There’s a bunch of contributors on a FB group page: Lawton/Ft Sill Progressives. Might be some ol’ friends of yours there. There’s a link on the About page. You are welcome to join in on our ranting. I will also post a link there for your WordPress page—Terry Gresham

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