Petition to Place Storm Shelters for Oklahoma Schools on the Ballot

We solicited signatures for the petition to place storm shelters for Oklahoma schools on the ballot for next year at the Midwest City Bombers game with Edmond North and out approximately 300 or so parents in attendance, most of whom I would hope were registered voters, only 39 hardy souls signed.

I know a lot were in a hurry to get to their seats and other reasons, but some of the comments by parents who would not sign made no sense. One guy said since he made it through school without a storm shelter he didn’t think his kids deserved one either. Love to have him for a parent.

A lot of the Edmond North people literally sneered and held their heads in the air and walked briskly by, I can only surmise they were probably republicans or at least Tea Partiers and their logic is plain enough they don’t want to waste money on making sure our kids are safe in school. Not money wise. Yeah we have to save money to give tax breaks to the uber rich, they are so hurting and kids don’t need storm shelters anyway.

I get more cynical every day. But these are people who didn’t want Obamacare, tried to destroy it, and failing that tried to destroy our government, and failing that now feel the pain of those poor souls who have no insurance and are having trouble getting signed up because of the glitches in the web site. Pleeezze! Give me a break! They feel their pain! Yeah I know where their pain is!

They hate so much that they would deny their own children a safety value that might one day save their lives!

Oh well maybe they were just ignorant of what the petition was all about? Yeah Right!


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