Contributor Makes Book: Under a Toenail Moon


Contributor to Okieprogressive, Terry Gresham,  releases book of poems.

Under a Toenail Moon

“Like a reverie I fell into this collection of poems, vivid and strange, and I find myself returning afterwards, holding it like a dream in the morning light, studying the facets of meaning, jewel-like in my mind’s eye.” — Weodi Squid, Author of Monsters at the Kitchen Sink published by Rose Rock Press.

“Terry’s work takes you for a cab ride that starts in Oklahoma, ventures through your soul, and leaves you with fond memories of Whitman’s writing desk and the place where Kerouac threw up.”  — Jason Poudrier, Author of Red Fields published by Mongrel Empire Press and In the Rabble at Our Feet, Published by Rose Rock Press.

Under a Toenail Moon is available at

I once studied the chair and desk of Whitman while standing behind the sectioning off rope.  —Terry Gresham

Click Preview


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