Bill Moyers Essay: Obamacare: The Right Wing’s Alamo | Moyers & Company |

Obamacare: The Right Wing’s Alamo from on Vimeo.

The right has been relentless in its battle against the Affordable Care Act – as if it’s their version of the Alamo, Bill says. Despite the law’s passage and its constitutionality upheld by the Supreme Court, they refuse to give up, even shutting down the government to try to force a delay of funding: “And yet, the darn thing survived, despite the administration’s own serious mistakes.” What’s more, Bill points out, this isn’t the first time a major government initiative hasn’t gone according to plan. Where are the apologies from the other side for the war in Iraq? “Mission Accomplished” indeed. – Producer: Robert Booth. Editor: Paul Henry Desjarlais.



  1. What’s more, where are their concerns for the failings of the health care system as it was before it was reformed? I hope this is indeed a battle they are losing.

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