Take Shelter Oklahoma

LogoComanche County Democrats are joining our State Representative Joe Dorman and Take Shelter Oklahoma in an effort to create a statewide bond issue to support public schools & career tech centers with constructing storm shelters & improving security standards.

Information about the bond issue and the petition drive can be found at the Take Shelter Oklahoma website. You can keep up to date by following the group on facebook.

Copies of the petition are available at the Comancbe County Democrats Office, so you can come by any time during office hours to sign up.

It is a Bond issue. The only tax money involved would be the from the State Franchise taxes – not new taxes – and this is what the T-Publicans are fighting to prevent – they want to allocate the State Franchise Taxes to other purposes. They also do not want any money from the General Revenue Fund used. The ballot measure will read as if this is a new taxation if the State Attorney General has his way. We simply have to counter that with accurate information. – Don Nelson

If you would like to help organize petition drives, contact Teri McGrath. Email: theterimcgrath@gmail.com
Call or text: 5802842914


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