Weekend started with returning from the Oklahoma State AFL-CIO Convention

It has been a spectacular weekend weather wise and pretty much so otherwise too. The weather has been mostly gorgeous especially today which was pretty darn close to perfect. My weekend started with returning from the Oklahoma State AFL-CIO Convention at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in

AFL–CIO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Catoosa, cleaning house, and working on getting copy sent to the publisher for our state newspaper.

Today church and Sunday School to listen to our newly promoted Associate Minister fly on her own and do an excellent job of doing it. Lunch with friends after church and then off to the movies to see Last Vegas, which despite critical thumbs down turned out to be an excellent movie but I may be biased since all 5 principle stars were favorites of mine. But they took an old re-worked theme of a batchelor party (this time involving 4 child hood friends from the 50’s) and made it into an often funny and fun film starring Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Mary Steenburgen. The 5 principles were great their acting impeccable (well after all they each have at least one Oscar each or more between them) taking what could have been a trite and tired theme and making it funny, poignant and entertaining. It won’t win any Oscars but I highly recommend it as good old-fashioned entertainment with 4 old geezers and one sexy senior lady who know how to entertain and deliver their lines well. The supporting cast was excellent especially the gofer kid who thinks the guys are all mafia types.

A must see movie in my estimation.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the remains of this most spectacular of autumn days!




An Autumnal Masterpiece
The day was bright and clear,
The sun was warming just right,
The wind was from the north,
But there was no chill in sight.

The lake was full of sail boats,
There were walkers in the park,
The geese were out foraging,
The day was a gorgeous lark.

A masterpiece of autumnal beauty,
Almost everywhere you looked,
Papas swinging their children,
Mamas reading them a book.

Golfers were making birdies,
And some were making par,
And some were making sand traps,
But all were enjoying the day by far.

It’s another gorgeous masterpiece,
That we can add to our vernacular,
From the very first day of autumn,
It’s been an autumn quite spectacular!


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