Oklahoma Mary

, Member of the United States House of Represe...
, Member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay Mary (aka in some circles as Ma**re*s Mary) is technically correct when she says she isn’t denying any Oklahoma Guard member their rights to benefits, but due to her decidedly bigoted views on the subject they will only have four places in the state where they now can sign up for benefits, Tinker AFB, Vance AFB, Fort Sill and the Ammo Station in McAlester.

Some on the right are lauding her for standing up for her principles, but that really doesn’t wash. That is akin to lauding George Wallace for saying segregation now segregation forever in 1963. Taking a clearly bigoted stance simply puts her in the same category as those governors in the 50’s and 60’s who stood on their bigoted principles to defy the law of the land in trying to prevent schools and colleges from being integrated. It also puts her on the wrong side of history and continues to foster the image of Oklahoma as backward dumbed down state (which it is not).

But we have many people like Mary Fallin in Oklahoma who seem to be ‘dumb and proud of it’ and who go out of their way to spread that news to the world. I guess we should pray for them and hope that one day they will be like George Wallace and come to realize they were doing a disservice to one segment of our society. But with Mary Fallin I am doubtful that, that will ever happen.


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