Our illustrious gov

Well our illustrious gov made a splash last night on the Rachel Maddow Show. A big splash resoundingly loud as she fell flat on her face. If she were governor of Oklahoma and if she were an idiot, but I repeat myself. My apologies to Mark Twain for that little abuse of his grand quote. Not an actual appearance.

It amazes me that our elected officials in this state the ones who are now in charge of our state government are so obtuse and archaic. They live in some kind of parallel universe where intolerance, bigotry, hate and stupidity appears to be praised and glorified. They all look and even sometimes sound like sane intelligent human beings and yet when they step up to the microphone and begin to say things which normal sane people would not say it boggles my mind that they could have ever gotten elected.

They defy the law of the land without seemingly having a clue as to what they are doing being wrong or even unlawful. It makes no sense, but rather than to follow the law of the land they are willing to perpetuate a hardship. It is not about a principle it’s about doing what is right. They have to know that what they are doing is wrong and yet they blithely ignore right and come up with answers to why they defy the law that makes them look like idiots. How can they be so dumb as to be proud of the fact that they are and that everyone in the nation now knows that to be a fact?


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