100 Days till the Mayoral election event for Ed Shadid

The 100 Days till the Mayoral election event for Ed Shadid was well attended and after Ed gave his speech he fielded a lot of excellent questions from those in attendance. He definitely has his head on right and has a lot of great ideas about improving the quality of life for the citizens of Oklahoma City not just a privledged few and not just Bricktown. Ed’s vision extends to all the neighborhoods and all citizens inclusively. TRUSTED I do!

I TRUSTED To Do The Right Thing

He has a vision of what needs to be,
And not just for an elite privledged few,
He’s not out to make the few much richer,
His vision also includes both me and you.

He wants to engage all of our citizens,
In making Oklahoma City a great city,
He wants us make our town for everyone,
He knows that’s what’ll makes OKC mighty pretty.

Ed understands we are not a Big League city,
Until all of our citizens have a say in what we do,
Until every segment of our society has a part,
Not just those who believe they are the privledged few.

So let’s get started and help him realize all our dreams,
And make this city safe for every single one of us,
With Ed we can do the things that are needing done,
In Ed I believe we can place our trust.


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