Costco or Walmart, American or Chinese.

90 Degrees to the Left

us-chinaWalmart’s price for a Dell Inspiron 15R Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5 is $448. Costco’s prices the same brand for $599. You’d probably think that Costco is ripping you off, but you would be wrong in that assumption. Walmart ‘s model has only 500GB hard drive, while Costco’s has 1TB. So even though they might look the same, they are not, you get more for your money with the model sold at Costco.

You will find a Whirlpool (model 9451) washer (26x27x43) for $449 at Costco and a Golden (GLP26R) washer (23.7×24.1×39.4) for $493 at Walmart. Not only Costco sells a washer that is larger, but also the model at Costco has 11 wash cycles and a fabric softener dispenser that the model at Walmart does not.

Let’s compare grills, the all American outdoors cooking experience. While it is true that Walmart offers junk grills for very affordable prices, let’s…

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