T.W. Shannon: Chapel for founders, history, faith and freedom – Tulsa World: Opinion

T.W. Shannon
T.W. Shannon (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

T.W. Shannon: Chapel for founders, history, faith and freedom – Tulsa World: Opinion.

There’s not a lot of controversy here. The only way I’ve heard about controversy is from him, and I follow every liberal group and news source in the state and country. I haven’t even heard atheists complaining too much about this because we’re all too busy actually fighting to protect people from the laws these assholes pass that victimize us. He is LYING. He is a LIAR. He is trying to create controversy so that really, abysmally stupid Christians can pretend they are being oppressed, and so that he and his other republican thugs can portray the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION as anti-Christian and anti- freedom. He’s a liar. He’s a fake. He’s using God as a mascot to sell his career as a Koch bros. puppet. 

Also this is a shit editorial. It’s not an argument. An argument engages an opposition, and this author doesn’t seem to be intelligent or thoughtful enough to even understand an opposition. It’s not meant to persuade anyone of anything–it is only meant to rile up stupid Christians. And it is a commercial, in which Jesus is being used like the Geiko lizard of Shannon’s campaign to get on FOX News. It is deplorable. I’m embarrassed by it.


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