Ron Paul, the Women He Does Not Love, and Rich White Men

The Ron Paul blimp.
The Ron Paul blimp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s especially disturbing in Ron Paul, who says he wants smaller government and liberty for US Citizens. As a doctor, he should know that the reasons women might terminate their pregnancies are numerous and personal. He should know, also, that women are going to have abortions–the legislation will not stop women from having abortions. It will only make the procedure more expensive, dangerous, and traumatizing for the women. And so his stance on this issue is not only dangerously wrong, it totally contradicts what seems to be the central theme of his campaign in a way that makes me think maybe he’s just chosen women and gays to throw under the bus so that he can win some of the Republican base. Or something. I don’t think he even cares about it that much.

I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s one of the people who argue that life begins at conception. There is a movement now to declare that personhood begins at conception. This is dangerous, dangerous nonsense. It’s so foolish and so potentially dangerous that I can’t think of another reason for intelligent people to support the movement other than a deep hatred of women and a desire to control them. It’s horrendous. I don’t know if Ron Paul’s been stupid enough to jump on this crazy train, but that’s where the tracks are leading anyway. This is issue is one hundred percent about controlling women. That is what it is about.

I think if I felt Ron Paul hated women, I might have a little more respect for him. I think in this case, he is just doing what he thinks will make him look pretty for the bigots and sexists.

The things I hate about Ron Paul are the things I hate about all of the Republican candidates. He’s not different from them. He is working in the interests of rich white men.

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