Here comes panic time Oklahoma style

Location map of Oklahoma, USA
Location map of Oklahoma, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here comes panic time Oklahoma style. The streets are clogged with autos and people rushing about preparing for the worst storm in Oklahoma history? Well probably not since we’ve had our share of worst storms over the past couple of years both in winter and in spring. But causing the populace of Oklahoma to adopt the panic modes sells and if the media of Oklahoma does nothing else right they know how to sell.

That’s probably why weather creatures in Oklahoma are among the highest paid media stars around. They are good at their work and the love it. They invented the term Wintry Mix whatever the hell that is? They also probably have dibs on inventing panic as a mass media selling point. Boy are they good at it. And we being where we are located in the south center of the nation boy do we get bad weather.

Yeah I know other places get bad weather but it is more seasonal and it tends to linger and not just slam into you and then go on its merry way in a few days. Oklahoma weather was tailor made for panic selling and does it ever. And it doesn’t matter if it don’t hit like they say. If it doesn’t come to pass we dodged the bullet and our weather creatures were there for you ramping up the panic mode!

People in Oklahoma have been programed to panic. What with palpitating weather creatures like the guy on 4 or the screamer on 9 and beloved weather creatures like the guy from Seiling who has been scaring the hell out of people in Oklahoma since he drove a green thunder lizard back in the day when he was on KEBC radio before he became the weather creature to end all weather creatures on 9. He has made a fortune out of scaring people. And there are just enough bad storms that actually do hit Oklahoma to make people rush to panic and the weather creatures know that and they feed into our panic mode because it bumps up the ratings and sells ad space. It’s all in the game to steal a title from an old song. It’s called Weather Games – Panicsville the next chapter!

It’s All In The Game
It’s all in the game,
The wonderful game we know and love,
The weather is bad,
Our weather creatures are glad,
And we do panicsville so very well.

Yep when a storm cloud comes bearing,
Down on us and comes daring,
Our weather creatures go sharing,
Our pain,
Cause it’s all in the game.

It’s all in the game,
We know as panic the patron,
Give us the goose,
We’ll watch the weather creatures,
And stay fast and loose,
They feel our pain,
Cause it’s all in the game!

Weather Games – Panicsville,
Here we go again!


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