Scene it: ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’

This evening we attended a play at City Space at the Civic Center which was a combination send up of the creation story and the Christmas Story as told through the eyes of two gay guys and two lesbian gals. It was hilariously funny with a little pathos at the very end. An excellent play. We missed the protesters at the beginning since they were only there from 6 to 6:30pm and we didn’t finish our delicious meal with a little coffee and baileys at the Museum Café until after 7pm.

The play centered on the 4 principals and the stage manager cum God and begin in the Garden of Eden. They due to Adam eventually all get kicked out of Eden and wander around over the world searching for the meaning of life for 400 years and then finally end up New York City at Christmas time with Jane pregnant having been artificially inseminated by Adam and agreeing to be married to each Adam to Steve and Jane to Mabel by a wheelchair bound Jewish Rabbi. Before their weddings can take place Jane’s water breaks and all hell breaks loose before the baby aptly named Satan (from the biblical one) is born.

The title of the play is ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told and the cast was outstanding everyone from the late coming Mormon lady to the Jewish Rabbi to New York City Santa Claus to the principals Adam and Steve and Jane and Mabel and especially the Stage Manager/God. I highly recommend it.

As we exited the civic center in the bitterly cold night we were greeted by 3 or 4 hardy protesters holding up signs citing biblical passages and admonishing us that we could be Christians if we cavorted with homo huggers so we partially for warmth and partially to shock the protesters hugged each other has we passed by them.

The Saga of Adam and Steve

There was Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve,
There in the Garden of Eden with Jane and Mabel,
There was never any manger that we saw,
But Adam was slightly balmy and a bit unstable.

Now Adam loved Steve and Mabel loved Jane,
Who loved the other one each in their turn,
They wandered around the world lost searching,
For the meaning of life that for it they did yearn.

They spent a while in Egypt with the Pharaoh,
And several other places like maybe in Bal,
But finally wound up in New York City?
With Santa Claus and a Jewish Rabbi in tow.

Whether or not they found the meaning of life,
There was born unto Jane and Mabel,
A child by Adam and not Steve,
It was born in New York City not a stable

There was a drunken stage manager,
She kept the actors and the props hopping,
She was the voice of God throughout,
Through her things were kept popping.

The tale was afoot and hilariously done,
Adam loved Steve, but not like a brother.
And the Rabbi was in a wheelchair,
Steve got aids and they all loved each other.


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