Faux Christmas

The Examination and Trial of Father Christmas,...
The Examination and Trial of Father Christmas, (1686), published shortly after Christmas was reinstated as a holy day in England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to watch Faux News is like wanting to revisit a hangover, the worst one you ever had. They would make a mockery of Santa Claus! Wait they just did and added Jesus Christ to boot.

They have helped start a War on Christmas which doesn’t exist and it never did. Now they are attacking perhaps the number Christmas Movie of all time (my vote actually goes to Miracle On Thirty-Fourth Street but I won’t quibble) It’s a Wonderful Life. What’s that all about?

Well just look at the plot of the movie. It’s about a man who loses hope and then regains it by seeing what would be if he were to never have been. It’s about helping the poor and doing good. Classic good versus evil with a magical spin and a wonderfully sappy ending where the bad guys are vanquished and the good guys triumph. Where the rich old white guy loses and the poor guy with tons of great loving caring family and friends wins! Communistic plot of there ever was one!

So now Faux News is selling an all time Christmas classic as a Communist conspiracy. Equating doing good as some kind of communist plot against whom? Oh yeah the rich and powerful. In the fantasy land that is Faux News and Rush The Limpbrain, being poor means you are lazy and shiftless and anyone who champions the cause of the poor become communists. Rush even accused the new Pope of being a commy!

But then it is easy to see why. Pope Francis is willing to trash all of Rush’s theories about why the poor are poor and he is willing to stand up to Rush’s diatribes leveled at him and actually cut Rush off at the balls. Thank you Pope Francis for doing that by the way.

Faux News and its cabal of cranky grinches be damned It’s a Wonderful Life is a uplifting movie which simply promotes the Spirit of Christmas, not passing judgment on the world at large but redefining what it means to have that spirit and how the things we do have an impact on the world even when we don’t see that they do.

Santa Claus can have whatever color of skin we want him to, he belongs to the Spirit of Christmas and he symbolizes for millions what Christmas is and should be about. Love, Peace, Giving and Compassion. That’s the true Spirit of Christmas. I firmly believe Christ would want us to celebrate his birth and his life in the Spirit of Christmas and he would not be amused with Faux News for its phony War on Christmas. Christ was about being inclusive and caring and giving to him it wouldn’t matter what the color of one’s skin was nor what one’s religion was. To Christ loving one another every single other was what he was all about!

Happy Holidays to all. A bell just rang and another angel got their wings.

Bob Bearden


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