Duck Dynasty vs A & E

The Duck Dynasty the all new best coming thing that is all the rage over at what used to be the Arts and Entertainment channel but now rests it laurels on redneck claptrap that turns out to be inhabited by a bunch ah shucks good ole boy redneckers who also happen to be jsut slightly bigoted and just a tad racist in their ideas and beliefs. Why did A & E not know that? Well, they probably did but their eyes were blinded by you guessed it those beautiful green dollar signs and they launched the Duckers as a money pit that they could stuff their pockets with.

Now A & E is trying trying to do the right thing by suspending the star for his clearly racist and bigoted remarks! they didn’t know in advance that these guys from the south white and rednecky as all get out weren’t probably homoaphobic? Get real they didn’t care it was cheap programing they were after and the dynamics of bigotry or not didn’t matter to them. If they could sell it didn’t matter that what they were selling might be tainted. No FDA on TV to say that the show might be spoiled, be past its buy date and stink to high heaven (with my apologies to Louden Wainwright the III and Cletus Maggart too) and the fodder they were pedaling might be bad. They knew but money talks a lot louder than caring about what their views might be.

We have normal sane people having multiple orgasms over Duck Dynasty and not having a clue that these clowns they were watching were taking them for a ride? they didn’t care either because they were overdosing on the Duckers and not really caring who or what they were. A bunch of white southerners who were supposed to be funny? I am not particularly political correct but I do believe that people who are getting rich off of the public at large shouldn’t be pedaling themselves as just good ole boys and that they certainly shouldn’t be getting a free pass on their beliefs just because they are popular. They are entitled to their beliefs but they aren’t entitled to be pushing them on TV and using their celebrity to make a case for their beliefs.

Celebrities should be held to a higher standard especially when they are getting rich off of being who they are. The public is entitled to know what they believe and the public is also entitled to pass judgment when a celebrity pops up espousing an idea or belief that involves trashing a segment of society they don’t like or agree with. Ordinary citizens like you and me shouldn’t be doing that either, but what we believe doesn’t have an effect on whether or not a TV show gets good ratings or bad. What we believe seldom gets splashed all over the news and we seldom have any real influence with hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens. What you do and what you say either as an ordinary citizen or as a celebrity does have consequences but with ordinary citizens that consequence seldom reaches past a few dozen or so of people you know. With celebrities what they do and say can effect millions of people and even sway ideas and beliefs. And the freedom speech doesn’t include a free pass just because you are headling a popular TV show.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., circa 1930. Edited...
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., circa 1930. Edited photograph from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Free speech doesn’t extend to yelling fire in a crowded theater!”

Neither does extend to someone who wants to use their celebrity to go on a rant about a particular segment of society whom they don’t agree with.

The consequences of being a celebrity matters and can have a cause and effect that is far reaching and can even sway public opinion. That is what the difference is between what an ordinary citizen says and does and what a person of celebrity says and does. The guy on Duck Dynasty probably thought he was above any consequences because he and his show were so popular but that is seldom the case. Like a lot of celebrities before him he got caught up in the ego of his own celebrity. He believes like a lot of the rich and famous do that because of who they are and what they have they can say anything that pops into their head and not suffer any consequences for their words or actions. They always seem to believe that their riches or their celebrity or both combined puts them in a position where what they do and say cannot harm them. But it can and it usually does. It’s only when they realize that what they have said now will effect their pocketbook that they begin to try to backpedal and use a little soft soap and pretend that they didn’t know what they were saying. It seldom works but it won’t stop them from making a fool out of themselves. A & E was right in suspending this guy, what they do to correct the situation and make sure what he says doesn’t spill over into the show is a whole other story.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Duck Dynasty vs A & E

  1. I can’t believe all the goobers that are raisin’ hell about what A&E is doing to poor ole Ducky, or whatever his name is. Unfortunately, all this attention will only make him more popular in the eyes of the Redneck Kingdom. He will continue to laugh all the way to the bank. Yet these same folks wanted to crucify the Dixie Chicks just because that spoke badly of old Prez George Dumbya. Oh well, you can lead a Redneck to water… but you can’t keep him from peeing in it!

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