Duck Dynasty Much Needed for Louisiana Tourism

Flag of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Flag of Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now comes the Light Governor of Louisiana (I’m not sure how one could be lighter than Bobby Jindhal) who allows the Duck Dynasty are much needed for Louisiana tourism. So I guess in Louisiana tourism incorporates bigotry, hate and racism as part of the draw to get you to come to Louisiana these days.

Well I can believe that after a recent trip through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on my way to Orlando. There were some pretty vile road signs even on the interstate that had to do with Obamacare, Obama and Michelle. I know Oklahoma is a red state but I haven’t seen anything like it in Oklahoma yet. We tend to hide our racism and hate fairly well and are much more subtle about our bigotry.

Mississippi was the worst. They had some pretty straight out vile signs. Of course we didn’t stray from the interstate in Alabama and Louisiana so they may have had some of those type of signs too. Mississippi there was one that pretty much likened Michelle Obama to a sl*t! New Orleans and Baton Rouge both big tourism cities weren’t quite so bold and vile. I didn’t actually see any signs that were particularly negative in either of those places, but they are much more diverse in their culture than out in the hinterlands.

I won’t be going to either Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama anytime soon.

It is an eye opener though to find that bigotry, racism and hate still sells in the deep south. They don’t have separate facilities or entrances to stores like they did when I was stationed in Mississippi in the early 60’s but racism and bigotry is still alive and well fed in the southland.

It’s sad to realize that people who profess to be followers of that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth have so much hate in their hearts. I don’t understand it. I don’t hate those types but I fail to see how they can class themselves as followers of him and believe the way they do.

I’m with Jimmy Carter how can you call yourself a Christian an claim to follow the teachings of Jesus and still believe that parts of our society enjoyed being treated as lessor citizens or that one segment or our society is an abomination?

I believe that Christ loved everyone regardless of who they were or what the color of their skin and that his teachings say to love one another every single other!

Bob Bearden



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