Toby Keith’s New Restaurant

fine weapon
fine weapon (Photo credit: horizontal.integration)

Toby Keith’s new restaurant in Virginia posted a sign:  NO FIREARMS ALLOWED! Gun nuts are outraged. And I use the term gun nuts because I want to believe that only a nut would want to bring a loaded weapon into an eating establishment. I have nothing against gun ownership but I do believe you that if you are going to own a gun you should be sane and responsible.

My mother had a rule no loaded guns in her house. She kept to that rule even when her and my step-father ran the country jail. Only law enforcement officers were allowed to come into the jail with their weapons and if they escorted a prisoner to their cell they checked their weapons before proceeding to the holding cell area. It was just plain common sense.

Guns kill people and they do so because people use them to kill with and they do so because people who use them to kill are not sane and responsible humans.

Guns don’t belong in a café. That’s where you go to relax and enjoy your meal. And people who carry weapons around with them who are not certified law enforcement officers should not be allowed to bring a loaded or for that matter an unloaded weapon into a restaurant or even a place of business of any kind in my opinion. And anyone who wants to do that I consider to be a gun nut and I plan on staying well away from those establishments that permit gun nuts to come into the business with loaded weapons.

Firearms Prohibited Trail Sign
Firearms Prohibited Trail Sign (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

When I hunted I often frequented gun shops purchasing shells etc. Those shops all had a rule you could not bring a loaded weapon into their shop. It was done for a reason. They didn’t want some would be cowboy coming into their place of business and accidentally shooting someone or something. People who have to show their macho by packing a loaded gun around are people who should be avoided because they don’t have enough common sense to be trusted. If they did they wouldn’t put themselves or anyone else into a situation that could lead to an accident.

And before anyone says that ain’t going to happen it already has and maybe it isn’t an everyday occurrence but one incident in which someone especially a child is hurt, injured or possibly even killed by someone’s misplaced macho egotistical stupidity is one incident too many.

Guns kill people and they do so because people use them to kill with and they do so because people who use them to kill are not sane and responsible humans. The difference in a gun and other weapons used for mayhem and to kill is that killing with a gun is a lot easier than using a knife or axe or hammer or other device.

Those are all weapons that can be used to kill, but killing someone with them always means you have to get up close and personal and as my Uncle Lonnie (who was in the 101st Airborne during WWII) once said, “killing someone when you are looking them in the eye is the most difficult thing you have to do as a soldier because then you see their humanity and then you realize they are just as scared as you. That they are someone’s child. It is something that you will never get over no matter how many times you have to do it. It will haunt you all of your life!”

It is my opinion that if we make it more difficult for gun nuts to own guns especially those like AK-47’s and other non-hunting rifles and ones that will hold clips of up to 100 rounds we can make a difference and we can and will decrease the number of gun deaths. Having an armed and dangerous populace has nothing to do with anyone’s second amendment rights and everything to do with making a lot of money for gun and weapon manufacturers.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Toby Keith’s New Restaurant

  1. For the first time ever, I support something to come out of Toby Keith’s mouth. He should have also supported the Dixie Chicks right to free speech in March of 2003. That same right of free speech he is exercising by posting this sign. Good post Mr. Bearden.

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