US Postal Service Delivered. FedEx and UPS Fumbled.

The mad rush to buy everything on the planet and have it delivered by Christmas is over and the winner is? If you guessed the US Postal Service you would be correct. FedEx and UPS fumbled their deliveries badly and failed to live to their promises.

United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Postal Service however did their usual great job of steady efficient delivery of Christmas packages every day of the week during the height of the holiday season including Sunday. And in the process were the end delivery service for FedEx and UPS for over 30 percent of those johnnie-come-lately’s packages. FedEx nor UPS won’t deliver to all the households and businesses in America ala the Postal Service so the ole good Postal Service (who once proved the existence of Santa Claus through its celebrated efficiency) had to bail them out in remote areas where they can’t and won’t deliver so that America could have a good Christmas.

The much misunderstood and much maligned Postal Service the only government entity that is in the Constitution delivered 75,000 parcels on Christmas Day ensuring that thousands of their fellow Americans got their presents on time. Take that and that FedEx and UPS.

I have heard rumors that FedEx and UPS are planning on merging. They will be known after the merger by the acronym of FEDUP!

The Postal Service isn’t losing money either, in fact they turned a profit over more than $600 million dollars this past fiscal year, but because of the onerous requirement heaped upon them by a lame-duck Republican congress in 2006 they are required to pay into a fund each year over $5 billions dollars to pre-fund the health benefits of future Postal employees retirees. Retirees of whom haven’t even been born yet. A requirement that no other entity in the world is required to do or does.

The Postal Service has been the most efficient business in the world for almost all of its 237 years of existence. Over the past 31 years they haven’t taken a penny in American Taxpayer dollars, in fact except for 3 years they have made a profit every single year of that period. Postal employees and Letter Carriers in particular are among the most trusted government employees year after year and the most productive as well. No brag just fact! You can look it up!

So when someone tells you the postal service is outdated, outmoded and inefficient just tell them it is not true. The Postal Service has increased its parcel service more than 57 percent over the past 4 years. It competes very well in the Internet age, because no one (not even Amazon) has come up with a way to send packages ordered through the Internet through the cosmos. The Postal Service is the delivery service of choice for a majority of items ordered through the Internet. No brag just fact! And you can look that up too!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “US Postal Service Delivered. FedEx and UPS Fumbled.

  1. Good for you, writing about the Postal Service. A lot of people harp on it and say it isn’t profitable, but this year that doesn’t seem to be true.

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