Nothing to do with Fracking

denial1-201x300More earthquakes across central Oklahoma and of course our oil drunk elected officials will tell you it has nothing to do with fracking. And there is no real empirical evidence that it does, but there is mounting evidence that there is a correlation between fracking and seismic activity that includes earthquakes.

Scientists have long believed that man could cause earthquakes although there isn’t a lot of evidence that they have. Still the evidence is mounting in areas where fracking has been ongoing that there may be a link between fracking and earthquakes. There is evidence that in those areas there is a definite increase in earthquake activity.

Most of the quakes have caused little or no damage and not everyone has even been aware that they have taken place. Of course earthquakes happen everyday somewhere in the world, most are not of (no pun intended) the earthshaking variety and are often not even felt by many of the people in the area where they take place.

Earthquakes are caused by a lot of things mostly movement between two parts of the earth underneath the ground and are and have always been a normal part of what the earth is all about. When they get more active and larger and happen in urban areas causing death and destruction is when we really take notice of them. So the quakes we are having here in Oklahoma haven’t caused any widespread panic or haven’t caused any real concern from scientists who study them.

It will take more evidence over a longer period of time or it will take a major outbreak of increasingly stronger quakes to cause scientists to give our quakes here in Oklahoma any real attention. It may be only coincidental that we are having increased earthquake activity as fracking becomes more common in our area, but coincidences that become more frequent usually are linked to activity that wasn’t present before.

And of course fracking is causing a lot of things that are more provable as to it being the cause, such as oil spills and leaks into the ground water from areas where fracking is becoming common. We shouldn’t be so ready to dismiss fracking as not harmful, because the evidence is mounting that it is and that it will only get worse.

But our elected officials are so soaked with big oil money that they will not even consider the possibility that fracking could and does cause problems for our environment. Hopefully saner heads will prevail before the largest underground water supply in the US gets contaminated beyond any hope of cleaning up the mess and saving it.

We are messing with nature when we shouldn’t be. We should be spending all the tax breaks and subsidies we give to big oil on finding more efficient and safer alternatives to fossil fuels. Oil companies have no concern for the future of our world and we need to stop letting them dictate the outcome!

Bob Bearden


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