Issa Cantor and Company. So What Else is New for 2014?

As the new year begins Obamacare or the AHCA website is beginning to work as it is supposed. So what are those who control the House of Representatives doing? You guessed it. They are fixing to vote again for the umpteenth time to do away with Obamacare.

1.3 million Americans lost their unemployment benefits on December 28th and the US Senate is set to vote to extend benefits to them for another 3 months on Monday, but Eric Cantor the house majority leader says the house leadership has no plans to bring that up anytime soon.

Millions of Americans need help in the middle of what is turning into one of the harshest winters we’ve had recently and those on the right side of the isle are getting set to spend a few more millions of our tax dollars on making a stupid and fruitless statement against seeing that we extend health benefits to 50 million Americans. The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas Boehner and company did.

Now comes Darrell Issa who has just finished wiping the egg off of his face from the so-called Benghazi Scandal that never was and now with a completely straight face he is planning on using restoring the cost of living benefits his party took away from our veterans, by eliminating Saturday Delivery for millions of Americans. Forest Gump was correct when he said, “Stupid is as stupid does”! Issa has reeled from one non-scandal to another in a effort to raise his stupid level to a higher plane and he has succeeded. He is an idiot in search of a brain.

His statement that the Postal Service is losing billions is patently false. The Postal Service isn’t losing billions they would be showing a $1.5 billion dollar surplus were it not for the onerous requirement Issa and the lame-duck 2006 Republican Congress placed upon it to pre-fund future postal service retirees health benefits for 75 years in the future. No other corporation nor business in the world has ever had that burden placed upon them. No business nor corporation could survive if they did. This requirement has lead to an estimated surplus in that fund of nearly $100 billion dollars, but Issa and company won’t even acknowledge that fact much less take steps to correct it.

But Issa has a plan and it is to destroy the Postal Service and sell off its profitable parts piecemeal to those companies that help fund his bi-yearly fun for congress. FedEx and UPS, both of which depend heavily upon the Postal Service to ensure they make a profit every year, because they won’t deliver to every household and business in the country while the Postal Service will and does and does in a highly proficient and profitable manner.

The Christmas season just ended saw both FedEx and UPS crash on their promise to deliver hundreds of thousands of parcels to its customers by Christmas Day, while the much maligned Postal Service went upon its usual efficient way and delivered Christmas to its customers in a efficient and timely manner, delivering more than 75,000 parcels on Christmas Day to customers all over the nation many of them places UPS and FedEx won’t deliver to.

The real story here is that the U.S. Postal Service kicked those Johnny-Come-Lately’s butts during the recent holiday season and Delivered for America as they always do. Over the past 4 years the Postal Service has increased its parcel service 57 percent and at the same time is the final delivery point for both UPS and FedEx more than 30 percent of the time. The Postal Service is the preferred delivery service for a majority of the items ordered on line because they deliver six days a week and because no one has yet found a way to send items ordered through the Internet through the Internet.

As we begin the new year, Boehner, Issa Cantor and company are acting in their usual roles as the Grinches and giving the American public their middle finger. So what else is new for 2014? Well it is an election year and we have a chance to give it back to them.

Bob Bearden


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